Thursday, 21 July 2011

Snapping Away

This first photo
is from my walk with the hounds this morning.
 Low cloud shrouded the hillsides
making the tops of the hills indistinct.

After walking the hounds
I went back for a check up with the dentist
just to make sure everything was okay.
He seems quite a jolly fellow.
He told me that there's a relation of Lord Mountbatton's in the next village!

After that,
I had a stroll around the village.
It was quiet,
you could even call it sleepy....

The image below seems to have some meaning in the village
as there is a large 3D image of it elsewhere in the village.
But as I didn't walk past it,
I forgot to take a photo.

The area we live in is mainly catholic.

These giant wreaths below
I think must be left over from Mayday.

Then I was back down at the river.

I spent a while sitting by the river watching the birds and the boats.
By which time the sun was covered by cloud and it had cooled considerably.
So I took my leave.
But thought I would leave you with this last photo which took my fancy.


Daisy said...

Lovely pictures, Lynne. I especially like the one of the couple on the bench by the river. The last one made me smile too. :)

Jane and Lance Hattatt said...

Hello Lynne:
We are pleased to read that your teeth are now OK. Having a jolly dentist certainly helps and we are fortunate that ours lives in the apartment opposite to ours, complete with his own private surgery. He has few words of English [ Do you have pain? being the extent of it] but is also very jolly and kind. Living in Budapest, there is no shortage of dentists!!

Your pictures of the village are lovely. We particularly like the sugared almond coloured houses on the sloping street.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lynne, Such pretty images. I love the window boxes with flowers. The river certainly looks like a peaceful place to sit and relax.

Sarah said...

Your village is pretty. I like the photo with the window boxes in the background and the last one made me laugh-the swan looks perfectly at home in the carpark. The sleeping cat is sweet too. My dentist is called Mr Patel and he is quite jolly too. I am sure if I had to look inside people's mouths all say I would not be jolly!

Yiota said...

Hey, Lynne! Thanks for the tip on commenting; it works!
Beautiful pictures of your area once again!

bad penny said...

You really do live in a beautiful place. The light makes the photos wonderfully bright ( apart from the cloudy one ! )
Sorry you weren't able to leave comments. I had this problem a while back & someone kindly helped & I had to fiddle with settings. I like it to be easy & simple this blogging lark !

Kath said...

I love the blue house, are all the houses in that street different colours?