Thursday, 4 August 2011

Trial and Error

It's been a bit tense here lately
as we have noticed Jewel becoming unwell.
It's difficult with animals,
they can't come and tell you that they have a pain
that won't go away.
You have to notice the signs.
What you first thought was a bit of stiffness
due to age,
a reluctance to go down stairs
or a reluctance to eat,
(she's often indifferent with food),
becomes more apparent
when instead of improving,
it gets worse.
Then you begin to fear the worst.
So today
we took Jewel to the vet.
A thorough examination
in which the vet
manipulated Jewel's limbs and joints
in what I think must at best have been uncomfortable for her,
(and yet she didn't protest),
and X rays
were inconclusive.
So now we are hoping that the anti inflammatories
that the vet prescribed for Jewel
give her some relief
and that she is soon back to her little minxy self.


Daisy said...

I'm sorry to hear Jewell isn't doing well, Lynne. I hope the medication will help her.

Annie said...

Oh Lynne, such a worry for you. If she needs anti-inflammatories would Green Lipped Mussel help. It made an amazing difference to Jim. Hugs to you and Jewel x

Jane and Lance Hattatt said...

Helo Lynne:
We are so sorry to read that Jewel is unwell and do hope that even now the treatment is beginning to have a positive effect.

It is, as you say, so very distressing when animals are unwell and, too often, their symptoms are not immediately apparent. Try not
to worry for we are sure all will be well.

Sarah said...

I am sorry to hear Jewell is ill too. I hope the medicine helps her.

Anonymous said...

Jewel is such a sweetheart. I hope that the medicine helps her and that she feels so much better very soon. Love to you all, Mildred

Kath said...

Oh dear, our 13 year old is like that. It is a worry isnt it. Hope Jewel is feeling more comfortable now.

Tracey said...

I hope Jewel feels much better very soon ... it's so hard to have a sick animal in the house, especially when you're not too sure what the trouble is.

She's such a sweetie. Take care.

Raindrops and Daisies said...

Hoping Jewel gets comfort when the anti inflammatories kick in.

Not nice when your pet is unwell
but hopefully after a couple of days she will be flying about.

Take care.


Steve Gravano said...

I hope all goes well for Jewel. I'll keep her and you in my thoughts.

Anonymous said...

Poor Jewell - I hope the medication works! When our little poodle wouldn't eat, the one thing she could be tempted with was bread and butter - lots of butter on both sides!!

Ann's Art said...

Hi Lynn, I do hope Jewel will be feeling better very soon - they are such precious friends to us....ann

noelle said...

Oh bless her! Such a beautiful face. It is a worry when they get a bit older. I hope shes soon well xx

bad penny said...

Poor Jewel. I hope the meds help. Hard when we realise how poorly our pets have been.

Margaret said...

I hope Jewell is feeling better. It is so heartbreaking when one of our furry family members doesn't feel well. At least she has you as her guardian angel. I know you'll do all that you can to pep her back up.

Tina said...

Hope she gets still better! Though we know that at a certain age you can only try to keep them as comfortable as possible. My blue heeler is 15 and has walking problems sometimes, too, some weekness in his hindlegs, on some days he has probs going downstairs in the morning, on others he is quite fine and even running (a bit) with the young girls.