Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Hot and Bothered

Yesterday I was hot.
The thermometer on the balcony,
in the shade,
was reading 30 degrees centigrade.
Which is hot for me.

I decided to get my hexagon quilt out.
Truth be known,
it was already out,
just waiting for me to
leave the crocheting I have been doing,
and start stitching instead.

I've always thought that I tend to have
lots of projects on the go
so that :-
I don't get bored;
there is a project to suit my mood;
there's a project to suit the time (such as crochet in front of the TV);
or location (such as hand sewing to take on holiday).
I'm sure there are other reasons I could add.

But yesterday,
I realised that I have all these projects
because I can get a different one out when:-
I can't find the thread I need for the first one,
(that's the thread I found sorted out last week
and thought I had put in the tin with the hexagons).

Even if I did find the thread,
that I simply MUST use,
no other will do...
I can't find my sewing glasses.

When I get the next project out,
I can't decide on the layout for it.

And when I do decide on the layout,
I think,
I really do need to prewash the fabric.

In the process,
of all of this,
I come across some fabric left over from some other project,
(completed I might add),
and think,

shall I start a new project?

Do you have days like that?

In the end
I watched this bird for a while
helping himself to our plums
that aren't quite ready.

If you are interested,
you can see the right side of the quilt
from the first 4 photos here,
Just don't look at the date!

P.S. Can you tell I like hexagons?


Anonymous said...

It's what ,makes you special.

Annie said...

Clearly you love hexagons ... which is just as it should be :) You have inspired me to pull out my own paper pieceing ... only one problem, I am still waiting on an appointment with the optician to sort out the glasses that I have finally had to accept that I need if I'm to see to sew ... so it's a good job I have other projects too! Much love for the red and orange flowers :D

Annie (again) said...

Meant to say ... at 30 degrees in the shade I'd have melted away ... our 23 degrees is too hot for me :( I'm not surprised that you feel hot and bothered! Wishing you a cool breeze to soon blow your way :D

Jane and Lance Hattatt said...

Hello Lynne:
We were experiencing such temperatures in Budapest in mid July but the weather has cooled significantly of late. At 30C in the shade it is very difficult to settle to things but we are amazed at how many projects you have underway. As we cannot knit, sew or crochet, the choice is a book!

Anonymous said...

I always have far too many projects on the go - I keep saying I won't start anyhting new .... but I always do!
Love the hexagons (that's the latest project I've started)

summerfete said...

Ooh get on with the orangey coloured one, it looks really special!!

Know what you mean though!

Ash said...

Great work! Lovely!

Sarah said...

I have lots of days like that! I love the look of your quilt. I have knitting I have not touched since the winter-I just don't feel like knitting in the summer but really it would be a good idea. I think watching the bird is probably a good idea when it is so hot!

Anonymous said...

Your fabrics are so very pretty, Lynne. I'll be taking a bit of a blog break but I'll be checking in with you. Take care of yourself, Mike and the pups!

Daisy said...

Your crochet and stitchery and quilting are all so lovely, Lynne. I think it's good that you have more than one going at once. That keeps you from growing bored to have a variety. :)

Kath said...

"I've always thought that I tend to have
lots of projects on the go
so that :-
I don't get bored;
there is a project to suit my mood;
there's a project to suit the time I'm sure there are other reasons I could add."

OH you and I are kindred spirits for sure xx

Kath said...

I meant to add that I LOVE the orange long hexies!

Steve Gravano said...

Yes, I have a few projects going on at any given time. You right, it helps to have a project the suits your mood! That red and orange hex design is beautiful.

Jenny Woolf said...

I empathise! I think the fancy word is "multitasking". As for 30 in the shade - ugh! I've really gone off hot weather - although it's better if it is not humid too.