Friday, 15 January 2010

Taking Shape

The '20 minutes a day' that MarmaladeRose initiated
has certainly been motivating for me.
Today I got my Hexagon Quilt out in it's entirety.
In yesterday's post I mentioned how I was removing templates from some of the hexagons.
Today I looked at it as a whole, deciding on the design.
I even did some stitching, about an hours worth before the light faded,
and I could no longer see to thread the needle, (even with the light on!).
At last I have an idea how it might look when it is finished.
Part of the problem in making something for so long is that:
you loose site of the original idea;
you get tired of it;
you change your mind on the design;
you run out of fabric!!
No not really, but nearly, very nearly.
I thought that was the case today when I set about laying out the pieces on the bed.
I always like to place a quilt on the bed to see how it's taking shape.
It isn't the same if I put it on the floor.
I wrote about this quilt back in 2008.
It looks a bit different now that I have the dark green pathways stitched on.
But it was the dark green that I thought I didn't have enough of to complete all the pathways round the diamond shapes.
But when I checked again, I did have enough for that, maybe not enough for additional pathways , but I can live with that design change.
But it does mean that the design will be dictated by what fabric I already have and also by what I have already sewn.
At this point I am not going to toil over making extra rosettes to fit in with a design.
I am going to work on completing it first and foremost.
That way, I get to start on a new one sooner!
When working on any quilt it's inevitable that you consider the alternative design routes you might have chosen.
At least, that's what I do.
This quilt has had a few design changes,
but now I know how I'm going to proceed with it,
there's no excuse.
So keep calling by and ask how I'm getting on with it.
Just to keep the momentum going.


Anonymous said...

Hello Lynne, What a pretty quilt and I do love the green - how fortunate that you have enough fabric! What an accomplishment to have such a pretty creation on the way to completion. I love to visit and see what you are up to - I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

Daisy said...

It looks really pretty, Lynne. That will feel like quite an accomplishment when you finish it, I bet. That is very rewarding work. :)

bad penny said...

wow ! that is quite a quilt !

Protege said...

Beautiful, you are very talented, I just simply could not do this.;)
Have a lovely Saturday,

Tallis said...

I am fasinated by quilting and I think they are quite beautiful especially as every stitch means something.
I would use this as my 20 minute project, pick it up at night/day do the 20 minutes worth adn I am sure that soon it would be finished.

Fantastic work well done and stay inspired

MarmaladeRose said...

Wow! There's a lot of hexs there! That surely will be a family heirloom when it's finished.

Dare I say I have one one the go too. Only I must have started mine about 8 years ago. lol.

Don't forget to sign it and date it when its finished. That is really important for future generations.

Kath said...

Looking good Lynne! I have been hexing to save my sanity during the kitchen refurb!

kendalee said...

I so admire anyone who even starts a project like this, let alone finishes it! And it's looking good Lynne... go girl!

My nephew turned five this week too - such a special age, isn't it? Glad you were able to spend time with your grandson before Christmas, if not now. I had to postpone my trip to the north-east because my friend hurt his back. But perhaps we'll still get to meet up there one day - that'd be lovely :)

BECKY said...

Hi Lynne! What talent you have! Such beautiful creations! And the idea of 20 minutes a day is such a great one! Thanks for sharing!

Sandi said...

It is coming along quite nicely, Lynne. I love when the pieces can be put on the bed to see how they are looking. Then I sit and ponder for a while......and change them round a bit.... Have fun with it!

KaHolly said...

Keep at it, girl! It's coming out great. My quilts morph a few times before they are completely finished, esp. scrap quilts. It's so beautiful! ~karen