Wednesday, 13 January 2010

ATC's Galore

This is what I have been busy with today for my 20 minutes of creating.
Though it took considerably longer than 20 minutes and it was already half completed.
It is an ATC (artist trading card) that I had started when I was making some for a swap.
I liked this design so much that I decided to keep one back for myself and this is it.
It is made out of felt which I made myself at a workshop in Cumbria.
The inspiration for the embroidery was the idea of an English Garden in a Swedish Forest, as that is where we were living at the time.
It is embroidered with ordinary sewing threads.
I found threads specifically used for embroidery too thick,
and living in a Swedish forest,
I didn't just pop out to buy some new ones.
The cards only measure three and a half inches by two and a half inches.

As I've mentioned in an earlier post,
I have been involved in a year long international swap.
Which has now finished.
It's the first swap I have taken part in.
Members were required to make an ATC
for anyone in the group that had a birthday in the month.
So for instance if there were 3 members that had a birthday in April,
when April came around,
I sent one ATC off to each of those members (3 in all).
I thought it was a nice way to celebrate a birthday
and I looked forward to celebrating mine when it came around.
I had to wait a whole year before receiving any ATC's myself.
A birthday card usually accompanied an ATC,
and some people even sent a little extra,
a keepsake or some fabric.
I made some hearts that I sent with mine.

So as I have been working on an ATC today,
I thought it a good idea to post photos of the ones I received recently in the swap.

The blue one above is from Aine in Ireland.
It is also felt but thicker than mine and lovely and soft.

The one above is called Blue Moon and it's by Shelina in Ohio.

This beaded Paisley design is from Di in the UK.

The next one is by Wendy in the USA. It is made of card and paper.

The next one is from Mary in The Netherlands and is made from self-made fabric.

The Flying Geese in the next one was sent by Joyce from the UK and I've shown it before as it arrived early. I was so excited to receive one at last I had to post it!

The next one incorporates shiny fabrics and threads on a dark background which is then covered by a fine net. It is from Julie in California.

The next one is from Carol who works in mixed media and has kindly listed the media used which are; Lutradur, molding paste, paint and foiled pelmet vilene. You can visit her blog here. It's definitly worth a visit if you are interested in mixed media.

The next one is from Sheila in Scotland using machine stitching to create the pattern. The twirly stitching is a lovely green colour which doesn't show up very well on my photo. Sheila's birthday was all the way back in January. In fact it's her birthday tomorrow the same day as my grandson. So Happy Birthday Sheila! I know she visits here from time to time.

The next one is from Norma in the UK.
Two butterfly cards together and both using machine stitching!

This next one is from Kate herself who organised the swop.
So well done to Kate for organising it, it has been most enjoyable.
I thought it a great idea.

Another butterfly!
People in the group must have known I like them.
This one is from Pauline all the way from Australia.

This next one uses both fabric and paper. I think the backing is paper with a little quilt mounted onto it, and then part of a used envelope on top of that, they are two postage stamps that you can see. Clever don't you think?

It is from Leah, and I will be mentioning Leah in a forthcoming post.

The next one is from Morning Dove in USA.
It is richly textured pieced fabric.

This next one is also from Pauline wishing me a Happy Christmas which I thought was nice.

The next one is from a different Norma and is made from mainly paper and card with a little bit of fabric.

The pretty pink one is from Marga and is called Korean Flowers.
Marga is from the USA.
Her blog is worth visiting too.

And the last one here is from Wil in The Netherlands who can also be found here.

So many beautiful cards.
I have deliberately not said too much about them,
letting the cards speak for themselves.
I love that they are all so different.

There has been some discussion in the group about how to display them.
It would be dreadful not to.
I think I will get some frames and hang mine up.
A visit to IKEA is required I think.
Being a part of the group has challenged me to think of new ideas
and to try and come up with something original.
Difficult when initially thinking up a new design,
but enjoyable in the working of it.
And once started,
it generates new ideas.

Which is what is so good about doing a bit of creating everyday.

I hope you have enjoyed a little creating today,
whatever your medium.


ArtGirl/California/United States said...

hey these look great all in one spot!! what a great selection and such inspiration - i have my selection too and i look at them often for inspiration!!

Sandi said...

A lovely collection of cards, they are all so different! The top one looks familiar :) I have it sitting on a little display shelf in the studio.

bad penny said...

lovely lovely lovely !
You have inspired me to GET ON AND DO SOME ! thank you

Daisy said...

How pretty! So many creative and clever ideas and each one unique. They will make a lovely display! :)

Anonymous said...

Hello Lynne, Such beautiful and creative ATC's. BT in Ireland blogs often about making ATC's and KathyB @ Spot on Cedar Pond owns sheep and makes her own felt. Because of following those two blogs, I am very familiar with your subject today. What fun it must be to create and then collect these from talented people from all over the world. YES, you should proudly display these colorful pieces of art and please share with us when you do.

Kath said...

What a lovely little gallery! I love to make ATCs, theyre so small, theres no excuse for an Unfinished Object!

Twiglet said...

Well thats a fab way to spend 20 minutes or more!! What lovely little snapshots of the super work all those clever folk are doing - thanks for sharing.

missliz said...

Breathtaking! What beautiful art cards. I can't wait to learn more about the artists that created them. I'm inspired! Liz