Saturday, 14 February 2009

Not Red

I thought I would post a photo of some hearts I have made.
Well it is Valentine's Day.
I made them to post out to some ladies that I am in a swap with.
They are quite small so are not bulky or heavy.
Easier for the postman or woman to deliver.
The main colours are yellow and blue.
The colours of the Swedish flag.

Looks like the Trolls have been having fun too!


Sue said...

Red or not, all your hearts are very pretty!

Happy Valentine's Day, Lynne!

Sarah said...

Those trolls are very romantic! I like your hearts too!

Daisy said...

Very sweet! I didn't know trolls were the sentimental type. :D

Hope you had a nice Valentine's Day.

kendalee said...

Sweet trolls, lovely hearts Lynne!

Sandi said...

Lovely hearts, Lynne.
Aww.. those funny trolls.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lynne, Such sweet hearts; I love the blue and yellow. Very warm and cozy looking.

Teresa said...

Your yellow and blue hearts are so pretty! Love the snowy / piney hearts too!

ellie said...

I think all your hearts, sewn and snowy are lovely. I have been enjoying looking through your blog, your photography is beautiful. Take care, Ellie

Lynne said...

I'm glad you all like the hearts.

I haven't seen any Trolls yet. But you never know! (Man vet aldrig)!