Friday, 13 February 2009

Mmmmm Very Yummy

I love baking.
But we decided I'd lay off baking cakes for a while.
Well we just kept eating them!
And at our age you have to think before you eat,
where will they end up-
round our middle's!

But Mike couldn't take it any more-
being cakeless.
So for the first time ever
he made his own cakes.
His own version of Rocky Road.
Made with crispies and cornflakes.
They also have marshmallows inside.

And they are extremely Yummy
Very moorish.

In fact I've been eating not one but two as I've been writing this.

Best laid plans....

Have a great weekend wherever you are.


Sarah said...

Sounds tasty!

Heidi said...

But no calories right??? Please say yes because I think I just gained weight looking at these. LOL! I am going to bake today. Banana bread and then an Amish blueberry cake. We have a friend's DH coming to help Jos put our new satellite on the roof tomorrow so I have to feed him right??? Have a great weekend Lynne. I take it you are back in Sweden now?

Hugs ~

Lynne said...

I wish they didn't have any calories. I could eat them all day. Just the one left which I'm saving to eat whilst watching a film tonight.

Daisy said...

Ah well...everyone needs a little treat now and again. They look delicious! :)