Monday, 2 February 2009

Chicken Run

The Uk has had it's heaviest snowfall in 18 years today.
And more forecast for tomorrow.
It has been minus 11 degrees centigrade here today.
But the sun was shining brightly.

We ventured out from our cottage in the forest.
First we walked the dogs. Although it was pretty, we also felt the cold.
So I think they were quite pleased to be in the car afterwards, in the warm.
Rufus is starting to doze here.
While we went to have a look at these ....
A fine looking rooster and his harem. Don't they look lovely in the sunshine?
And a gander (a male goose) amongst them all too!

Mike had arranged the visit so that we could get a good idea of what is entailed when keeping chickens.
We are hoping to get our own when the weather gets warmer.
Judging how cold it is now, that might be in while!


Sarah said...

Hi Lynne!
Finally the snow I have been hoping for! A day off work and another one tomorrow! (I did do some work though) The chickens are lovely. When we were in Bruges Andy and I went to a weird farming/beer festival which was exhibiting chickens of all sorts and sizes (as well as rabbits and pumpkins!) Most impressive.

James Parker said...

Delightful site and marvelous photos. I'd like to invite you to visit my site and check Windows to the Words...give me a comment and hopefully participate in the photography portion. I would be honored.

Lynne said...

Sarah- you seemed to have enjoyed the snow. The farming/beer festival sounds like one of those things you stumble on and enjoy rather than plan.

James Parker- thank you.

Anonymous said...

Hello Lynne, Such an amazing shot of the snow and sunshine. I always love seeing your dogs; I bet the warm sunshine felt good to them after a brisk walk. Keep us posted about the chickens. That will be interesting.
Let me know if your try either of the onion recipes.

Lynne said...

Thanks Mildred. We're looking forward to having some chickens. As you say should be interesting, especially with 3 greyhounds!

Daisy said...

Hope you are keeping warm there, Lynne. Sure looks and sounds cold.

Good luck with chickens if you decide to have them. :)

Teresa said...

When you have a few minutes please pop over to my blog... there's an Art Blog Award for you there!

Lynne said...

Thank you Teresa, I'm honoured.

Shell said...

Rufus is quite adorable. I love all the pictures you have. Your bun with chocolate looks delicious. I do hope you do up your creative space. And post pictures of it and let me know.

Sweetina said...

You can actually hear it a snapping sound the air looks so crispy cold in the first photo!
Cold but beautiful!
I so admire your sense of life and adventure. Rufus does look happy to be out of the cold this time!
Thawing does make one a bit sleepy!

Heidi said...

Hi Lynne! It was so nice to have you visit me at both my blogs. Can I assume that you quilt too? I hope you will share some of yours if so. I read you are back in the UK now with you little grandson. How exciting. I am sure you must be full of mixed feelings ~ enjoying seeing family yet missing your beautiful dogs and your husband. I lived in Sweden for my husband's work 20 years ago. I will be back to visit you again and stop in to say hello yourself. :)

Hugs ~