Thursday, 29 January 2009

Would You Like Some Sun \With Your Snow?

It was lovely to have some sun with the snow today.
So we took advantage of it and walked down to the lake.

I got the dogs to pose with Mike.
Not always easy as they are often looking down, or one is behind the other.
But today they could hear voices somewhere and it kept their attention
making for a much better photo.

Until Jewel decided she'd had enough.
Anyone who knows Jewel, knows that she will lie down whenever we stand for more than a minute.
It was one of the things we noticed about her whenever we took her for a walk from the kennels where she was waiting for her 'forever home'.
Even the snow doesn't stop her.

Notice the bright blue sky?


Daisy said...

Hi Lynne! It must have been good to get out for a walk and enjoy the sun a bit. Lovely photos. :D

kendalee said...

I'd just be happy with some sun! Or some snow. It's just grey and cold and wet here at the moment... Still. I love seeing where you are - beautiful. And the dogs add such character to the scene! :)

Sarah said...

Hi Lynne,
It seems that a lot of the blogs I look at are written by people surrounded by snow, some happy, some not so much. You always seem to really appreciate it which I like! We have snow forecast for Monday and the weather people were being quite serious giving potential severe weather warnings. It may not materialize though-ever since the hurricane of '87 when Micheal Fish got it so wrong, I think they are very cautious.
Love the icicles!

Teresa said...

Glorious pics... not just the snow, but those mouth-watering delectables in the left column too! When is tea time? ;-)