Monday, 5 January 2009

Snow or no Snow?

Tomorrow I leave the cold wintry retreat that we have here in Sweden and head off over here.

Visiting family and friends.
I'm going over for a special occasion, my grandson's 4th birthday! I'm looking forward to seeing them all again. Mike and the dogs will be staying in Sweden. It's a bit difficult making these sort of journeys with 3 large dogs. It takes a bit of organising!

So whilst I will be catching up with family and friends I won't be calling in here. Unless I can borrow my sister's computer but that won't be until the weekend.

So wishing you all a happy two weeks, (I'm back late on 20th January), and I'll catch up with you then!

I wonder if there will be snow in Northumberland and Cumbria?


Sarah said...

Have fun on your trip! There might be snow-it snowed in London a little today and is supposed to stay very cold until the weekend.

Lynne said...

Thanks Sarah. I had thought they'd mentioned snow on the radio. I expect there will be snow on The Lakes then, a good time to visit.
Chat with you when I get back.

Daisy said...

I hope you have a good trip and a great time visiting family and friends! :D

Barbara said...

Hi! Lynne
Thanks for visiting and commenting.
I love yur snow pictures, especially sun on snow.
So you are probably in England now. Cumbria and Northumberland such a beautiful place to be. We have snow here in the South East although nothinglike in Sweden so pretty sure you will h ave some while you are here. Enjoy your visit.
Your Swedish cottage looks divine in the snow.
Pretty sure the new Michael Palin series will be showing again or on digital channel or something.
Don't know if you looked on my books and reading label but a year or so ago I photoed most of my book shelves and have all the books yur mention.

Teresa said... lucky you are... to leave one spot of beauty and head for another! Take lots of photos please!

Candace said...

Have a great time. 4?! That is such a grand number when you're a kid, isn't it? Take care and I'll check you later.

Grammy Staffy said...

Have a wonderful trip and visit. We will look forward to hearing all about it when you get back.

Happy New Year

Sue said...

Have a GREAT time, Lynne!

Since I had no idea where Northumberland and Cumbria were I googled it. I was suprized to find that you will be paying for "walks" in the countryside there. Is that the norm? Here is the link I saw:

Like Teresa said, please be sure to take lots of pictures! Tell your grandson HAPPY BIRTHDAY from all of your blogging buddies.

Lynne said...

Wow you're all great. Thanks for all your good wishes.
It's great seeing the family again. It will be difficult to leave them when the time comes.
If I get the chance I will post some photos if the computer will allow it.
There was snow when I got to Stansted and again when I came over to Cumbria today.
I know the site you mention Sue. It's because he works as a guide but you don't have to use him. You can find your own way around.
Catch up with you all later.

Kathleen from Yesteryear Embroideries and Eggs In My Pocket said...

Have a wonderful time visiting your grandson! Blessings, Kathleen

Anonymous said...

Dear Lynne,
I have enjoyed the wintery pictures of your walk to the lake and the story about New Years Eve .
Now i hope you will enjoy your stay with your family and hope your grandson will have a wonderful birthday !! Hiep, hiep Hoera !!!!!
Greetings, Janneke.

Sweetina said...

i hope your trip home was warm and wonderful.
Is that a long flight?
I'll bet your pups and hubby missed you...
we did also!

Teresa said...

Hi Lynne,

Hope you had a wonderful trip. I'd guess you're recouping with a cup of hot tea after all of that traveling and unpacking!