Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Snowy Walk

We took a walk with the dogs today.
(We take several walks with the dogs everyday.)
Today it was quite snowy in the forest.

Our walk took us down the hill to the road where we could just catch glimpses of the lake through the trees.

The lake is completely frozen.
It is 12 miles which is about 20 kilometres long.
Once back at our torpet, the dogs had a run round.
Before disappearing off up the track to our neighbours house,
the little devils!

Mike had to go and fetch them back.
Of course after that little escapade they were tired.
And they've been in their beds ever since!
Next time they run off
we will send them to bed
without their supper!
Mike's making their dinner now, just in case you thought we would do a thing like that.
As if!


Anonymous said...

What beautiful scenery and what dogs!!! Our little dog pretends not to hear us or know her name once she gets outside. Rascals!

Lynne said...

Rascals indeed Mildred!

Jacqui said...

you have no idea how soothing to the soul your photos are! We are having a heat-wave over here, everything is hot, dry and dusty and dispiriting. You live in the most beautiful place!

Writer said...

You live in a beautiful area. It makes me wish I was in the Rocky Mountains.

Rachete said...

I like your blog!


Daisy said...

Lovely photos, Lynne! Looks mighty cold. Hope you are staying warm. :D

Sarah said...

Your dogs always look as if they are having such fun! I love the look of those buns in your sidebar too-I love things with jam in the middle, mmmm!
Can you skate on the lake?
Or swim in it in summer-now that would be perfect.

michael said...

Hi Lynne... thanks for the recent visit and comment. Ironic.. I posted a shot of my dog today. Nice photos