Sunday, 4 January 2009

Chasing the Sun

I wanted to go to the village to get some photos whilst the sun was out.

So I left the packing away of Christmas decorations until I'd caught the sun, (some things don't wait, much as I'd like them to).

It's one of two villages close to us. We usually bring our visitors for a walk along the lakeside. It's so lovely, whatever the weather.

We were stood on the lake here at midnight New Year's Eve, waiting for
and the fireworks.
It was a first for us,
to see the dawn of the New Year here on the lake.
The approach to the lake was quite spectacular and unexpected.
Large outdoor candles lined either side of the road leading into the village.
People carried flaming torches as they walked to the lake and there was a primitive air about the proceedings as we joined them in our walk onto the lake.
The church bells ringing at midnight gave the signal for the fireworks to begin.
The bangs of the fireworks competed in sound with the repeated pops of the bottles being opened in celebration of the New Year.

The fireworks were much like other displays that I have seen.
Perhaps shorter than most.
But it was the place,
standing on the lake,
with candles all around,
foreign voices,
new friends,
that gave it a sense of occasion.

This lake is used a lot for recreational purposes once it is frozen. There were not many people out on it today despite the sunshine. Maybe because it was -20 degrees centigrade. It was nearly too cold for me to take photos! My fingers were freezing, even as I tried to take the photos with my mitts on!

The surrounding countryside was just as lovely.

But what I want to know is, how come when all the Christmas decorations have been stored away for another year, I always find one that has been overlooked?


Teresa said...

Your photos leave me nearly speechless and shaking my head in awe. Such beauty. Wow. You're a great photographer.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Teresa - these are just breath-taking views.

Lynne said...

Teresa, that's really lovely of you to say so, and you to Mildred. It's just as lovely seeing it for yourself, it really is that beautiful.

Sarah said...

Your new year sounds amazing. The frozen lake looks spectacular-glad you persevered despite the cold! Maybe the decoration wants to preserve the spirit of Christmas for another year. I have a different problem-they won,t all fit in the box anyway and so some have to be squirrelled away elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

Great photographs.
Wishing peace & prosper 2009.

Lynne said...

Sarah- It takes so long to put them all away as well, and never the same way!

Hobo- Thank you and to you also.

Daisy said...

Such lovely photos, Lynne. Thanks so much for sharing them.