Sunday, 22 February 2009

Racing Fun

Race One

One dog or two?
Well there are two tails.

Neck and neck.

Jewel takes the lead!

Race Two

Here comes Jewel leading again.

Here come the boys.

Paddy then Rufus.

They have some catching up to do.

Paddy leaps ahead.

Here comes Jewel round again.

Can you see the boys in the background taking a short cut past the tree?

Jewel wins again!


Sarah said...

Hi Lynne,
The race looks fun! It sounds as if you have been having fun with your guests too and the dogs certainly have.
Thanks for your kind words too. They mean a lot.
Sarah x

Lynne said...

Thanks Sarah,
Take care.

Sandi said...

What fun they are all having! We take our border collie (Dash) down to the beach sometimes - she loves to swim in the surf. And run along the beach with all the other dogs. They all have so much fun. Dash usually has to have a big sleep after a trip to the beach.

kendalee said...

Go girl!!! :)

Grammy Staffy said...

Burrr.... these pictures look so cold... pretty but cold.... they remind me of Idaho. I love to look at the pretty snow but I must admit I like the weather here in CA better... even though I often complain about the heat I have decided it is better than freezing.

Your race pictures are amazing. What fun they seem to be having.... even though the boys did take a short cut and cheat... Jewel still won so I guess it all turned out OK.

Thanks for praying for little Gracie. I am still hoping for a miracle and I know her family is too.

Have a good day and stay warm. Love, Lura

Teresa said...

Oh, this was fun to read and look at! Way to go Jewel! You know what they say... "Women rule, men drool". Particularly appropriate in this case, don't you think? :-)

P.S. GORGEOUS snow! Sigh. Please send some our way.

Daisy said...

HA HA! They look like they are having a fabulous time!

Even with the boys trying to cheat, Jewell is victorious! Girl power--ha ha! :D

Lynne said...

Yes Jewel certainly gives the boys a run for their money.

Candace said...

Catching up with a comment here. Molly Brown (my rescued Greyhound) has dental work next week. Other than that, she's here, there and everywhere, just like Jewel!
She LOVED the snow we just had... and do your dogs like eating it? Molly thinks it's a real treat to have a bit of a snowsicle.
Take care!
Candace in Athens

Sweetina said...

I just adore watching the dogs frolick in the snow up at Bun Mountain! What ever will they do for fun when it all melts? Ah ha! I bet they swim!!!
You have a happy bunch, and it is so much fun to "visit"!

katarina said...

Havent you got lovely dogs to , smile*
Hi , and thanks for your visit at my page.
we have two lurchers from Ireland:)
It looks so nice where you live, really beutiful.

Isnt this the most wonderfule dogs you can spend your life with :)

Have a nice day !