Tuesday, 12 January 2010

20 Minutes a Day

Yesterday I was due to fly to Dublin,
then from there fly to Newcastle,
and then travel by rail to Carlisle,
where my sister would have collected me,
by doing a 40 mile round journey.
I would have had to have set off from home at 5 am.
arriving at her home round about 19.30.
A long day,
and with so many legs to the journey,
a bit risky in the current situation with the weather as it has been in the UK.
There was no guarantee that I could have completed the journey.
As it happened, we had more snow fall here overnight
making the roads risky at this end.
To get to the airport
meant driving up hairpin bends in order to get out of the valley.
So the decision to stay was made.
I'm really pleased that I visited the UK before Christmas.

I haven't been out very much for the last week or so.
My foot is swollen and I don't know what's caused it.
So I've tried resting it to see if it makes any difference.
But it hasn't.
So I went on a walk today.
We crossed the river by car,
then followed the path that we have often taken.
We were able to look across over to our village.
You can see it in the first two photos.
The photo below looks down one of the vineyards.
They look very stark in the snow.

Yesterday, I finally got out some crafting bits and pieces.
It was about time I did something,
and I wanted to send a little something to my grandson
with his birthday card.
Yes, I was going to the UK to see my Grandson for his 5th birthday.
So it was good to make something after weeks of not making anything
I can't show you what I made as I didn't take a photo.
But I made something with paper.
It was nice faffing around.
It's something I'm good at.

So in order to keep the momentum going,
I've joined in with Fi
to do just 20 minutes of crafting a day.
It can be anything,
even some hexing.
Yes, I'll be doing some of each of them
and I'll endeavour to show them here.
Just to keep me going.
I feel so much better for creating a little every day.


BECKY said...

Hello Lynne! I found your blog because I am a follower of Dancing with Daisy, and she lists yours. What beautiful photos! The countryside and your dogs are gorgeous! How envious I am of your "Post Card" location! The main reason I felt the urge to comment, is because I, too, lived in Germany many years ago. I lived there twice, in 2 different areas, when my first husband was stationed there in the US Military. Even though I was so young, and homesick part of the time, I really appreciated the beauty of the small towns and the architecture. Someday, I hope to return....maybe after I finish my book! Thank you for sharing your lovely photos.

Sandi said...

Such a difference a week makes!When I scrolled down to the previous post, there wasn't as much snow. Disappointing that you couldn't make it, but then you might of been stuck somewhere if you had travelled.
Glad you are starting to create again. Hope your foot gets better soon.

Rosa-Munda said...

Hi Lynne,
Just when we thought the snow was disappearing yesterday, there's been another load overnight, Gatwick closed, so a wise decision to stay put! Your photos are beautiful. Ros

Kath said...

Snap! while my house is uninhabitable, I have been curled up in a corner, hexing away. I love the way it is growing. Then a friend sent me a hexy UFO!

Wipso said...

I've just added my name to the 2o minutes list too so will try to drop in on you from time to time.
A x

Wipso said...
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Daisy said...

So sorry to hear the weather forced a cancellation of your trip, Lynne. It does help to have something creative to do to look forward to and put the time in this time of year. Hope the swelling in your foot goes down soon.