Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Meeting People, Making Friends

I tried writing and publishing this post last night with no success.
So it comes to you with fewer photos.
I've been experiencing problems trying to move the photos around once I've uploaded them
so I changed to using the new editor.
More problems!
I haven't been able to upload ANY photos,
neither would it save any text.
So I gave up and went to bed.
I am still experiencing problems with uploading photos this morning,
and when I tried to revert back to using the old editor
all I got was a jumble of computer text!
So enough of my Blogger problems.
Lets just hope it's all back to normal tomorrow.
The top photo was taken last week when there was a bit more snow around.
It looks across the river to our village and the vineyards running up to the top of the hill.
We often walk the Hounds through these vineyards.
The other day Mike heard a man working in the vineyard say to his colleague,
'Ah, the English.'
He gave us a cheery hello as we walked by.
Yes, I think we are quite well known in the area,
as being the English couple with their 'wind hunds'!
Pronounced, 'vinthunt'.
What a lovely name for them don't you think?
The other morning a man and woman were just starting their work in the vineyard.
She stopped to say hello to the hounds
and we chatted for ages.
It was easier than it often is to hold a conversation as the man spoke good English.
We are still struggling with German.
They explained how they are pruning the vines ready for the grapes to grow this year.
The grapes start to form about April and are harvested in October.

Yesterday was a good day.
We set off to meet someone Mike had only conversed with over the internet.
Unfortunately it was a grey damp miserable day,
but a warm welcome greeted us.
The couple and their daughter that we were meeting
are in the process of moving from England to Germany.
We were able to give them a hand,
and met what I think are going to be very good friends!

Today is lovely and sunny.
I think all the snow has gone now.
Perhaps we can dispense with piling on the layers of clothing everytime we go for a walk with the hounds.
The hounds too have gone for the occasional walk without their coats.
So maybe spring is in the air.
But I do like the photo below of the vineyards.

And as for my 20 minutes a day,
well it has had the desired result.
I am making progress with my quilt,
but I will have to show you that another day,
hopefully when uploading photos isn't a problem.


Twiglet said...

Love those monochrome pics. We have more snow today and my view is very grey - roll on Spring. I shall go back to making cards for our new blog shop - follow the link from my blog if you are interested!

Steve Gravano said...

Beautiful countryside photos. Hope things get better with your computer glitch. Computers are so frustrating at times.

Daisy said...

Lynne, I'm so sorry to hear you are having trouble with Blogger. I've heard others with the same complaints. Hope it works for you soon. How nice that you have met some new friends there! Love your pictures. I especially like that second one in this post. I like the neat rows of the vineyards in the snow.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lynne, Pretty pics of snow in the vineyards. Isn't it nice the way pets help us to meet new friends??? Nice that you were able to chat with the couple working in the vineyards and lovely that you have met new friends. I hope blogger cooperates with you soon - I always love your beautiful photos from your daily walks.

Sarah said...

I love the photo of the vineyards at the bottom-such an abstract image. I am glad you met some new friends and it has warmed up a bit! I may be telling you something you already know but at the top of the compose box in my editor there is compose and edit html-if you have it in html mode it is the computer gobbledygook. Also I can't move my pictures around in that so I just have to make sure they upload in the right order-also I used ot find if they had been moved they would not enlarge.
Have a lovely weekend!

Anonymous said...

I know how you feel we moved from Germany to Australia with very little english and 26 years on while english is no longer a problem we often still feel the new people here.


ps. thank you for you lovely comment on my blog too

Dixie said...

Nice to meet you - your blog is great - love your pictures! Rainy and windy here in California today. Thanks for your comment on my blog!


Jen said...

Greetings from cold damp KY too.
Wow look at that county view! Glad you are making friends; that always makes it feel like home.
Hope you internet cooperates for you so you can get on with your blogging life too. :)

MarmaladeRose said...

Lovely photos, still looks very cold though.

bad penny said...

Aah the English ! when I worked on a Kibbutz my friends & I were known as The English Girls.

Vine Hund is gorgeous ! German is a difficult one for we Brits to get our mouths round - I did O'level - not only that some of the words go on for ever being added & added to. Don't even mention Der Die & Das - I never could get my head around this ...a table is a table in my book - neither girl nor boy !

Some of our closest friends were made through helping them to settle in Spain where we lived for a while - when the babies were born we were able to show then where to register the birth - just as we had been shown when our daughter was born.

Your photos are beautiful & I hope you fix the computer problem .

KaHolly said...

I have the same problem with blogger. It gets very frustrating sometimes. It is sometimes easier to send the photos to the blog from an e-mail.

Debs said...

wow a blogger in germany....(english to boot!) i shall look forward to reading more of your blog! :)
thanks for commenting on my blog you...good luck with the giveaway! ;)
re your uploading issues, i believe i might be able to solve all of your blog posting issues (and add some rather awesome additions too)
try out windows live writer, its a free application you can download, doesnt take much, and you can do more with your blogging on that than on blogger or any other platform. trust me, i swear by it now!! lol
anyway, enough of that, you'd think i was an advocat for microsoft eh? lol


Grammy Staffy said...

I just hate it when I have blogging problems. It can be so frustrating. I hope that you get your photo loading problems worked out.
I just got back into blog world and I wanted to stop by to say hello. Have a good day.

Tallis said...

Glad to see you are still doing your 20 minutes a day, I'm looking forward in seeing the piccies :)

kendalee said...

Meeting lovely people one can relate to, even call friend, makes all the difference to a new place starting to feel like home doesn't it? Blogger issues aside (hope they're resolved now!) this felt like a good news, feel good post to me, which is lovely. That bottom picture actually reminded me a bit of a quilt... beautiful!

Hope this week's off to a good start! xo

vanessa said...

What beautiful photographs, especially that last one, exquisite. Technology can be such a pain, can't it? It's that feeling of a complete lack of ability to do something when it goes wrong that drives me insane. Your quilt in the previous post is looking gorgeous! Love Vanessa xxx (do you mind if i knit)

Anonymous said...

Checking to see if you are ok Lynne. I have missed your posts. Jen is hosting A-Z Food now - if you would like to join us.

Anonymous said...

Checking to see if you are ok Lynne. I have missed your posts. Jen is hosting A-Z Food now - if you would like to join us.

Tracey said...

Thankyou so much for the comment on my blog, Jack is a great dog and settlrd in very well,
I nearlly had a resue greyhound years ago but that time other things was going off and had to say no, there great dog to,

Take care


Sarah said...

Thanks Lynne! You too-have a good week. I visit some blogs that I have that trouble on-it is really annoying! Wish mine wasn't doing that to you! I always thought it was the the ones with too many things in their side bar so maybe I have too many too!

ArtGirl/California/United States said...

the bottom picture is really amazing. what symmetry in those rows of trees.

also, i posted to the postcard challenge, the theme for February is "things we love." hope to see what you come up with!

noelle said...

Hi Lynn, your snowy pictures are lovely. I sometimes have awful trouble with blogging and photos it can be so annoying, i generally just turn it all off and come back tommorrow!! x

ADonald466 said...

Hi Lynne - I've just popped over from 'circles-of-rain'! I can sympathise with your problems - Typepad has been driving me bananas! Regards Anne

Yamin said...

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