Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Not so Ho Ho Ho

Well the little minx has been at it again.

That's what we call Jewel.

Before Christmas she was attracted to baubles. And on a number of occasions stole some out of bowls. She even crunched through some, but fortunately she came to no harm. They must have been the plastic ones we had, and not the old glass ones.

We called her Pica pica for a while beause that is the Latin name for Magpie, and as we know, Magpies love anything shiney.

Then she took a fancy to a small Santa that we had had for years. It was on a long piece of elastic which when you jiggled it, it said,

'Ho ho ho, Merry Christmas,' in a funny sort of voice.

Mike started playing with it with Jewel and she used to get very excited. It couldn't be left out anywhere as she would take it to her bed and chew it.

The dogs do have their own toys, which they can take to their bed and chew as much as they like.

A couple of days ago Jewel took the Merry Christmas Santa off a shelf

(where Mike thought it was out of reach).

And the Santa is no more!
So no more, I don't have a photo of him.
Today when I came in from feeding the birds
Jewel had a Christmas rabbit family on her bed.
It's something I bought in a January sale when I was expecting my grandchild.
I bought it on a whim.
Nobody seems to like it particularly, maybe because it would be more suited to Easter.
Anyway I was attracted to it.
So was Jewel it seems.

So much so that she chewed it and bit one of their heads off!

Poor thing.

But it is easily sewn on again, and maybe I could get it looking more suitable for springtime and Easter.
With maybe an Easter bonnet?
And holding an Easter egg or two?

Later it was such a lovely day that we took a drive down to the village and the lake.
Where I took some photos.
It was so lovely,
I might post those photos tomorrow.
But here is Jewel out for her walk today, after she's chewed the bunny's head off,
watching a woodpecker!


Anonymous said...

How very precious Jewel is. They do make up their own minds about what they will play with, don't they?

Lynne said...

They certainly do Mildred.

Sarah said...

It's so hard to get cross with them when they are just so cute. Poor Santa!

Lynne said...

That's true Sarah.

Daisy said...

Such a sweet innocent face. Who me? Ha ha! Oh well, what is a Santa or a lost bunny head or two in comparison to the love dogs give back to us? They are such wonderful companions.

Happy New Year to you, Lynne! :D

Kathleen from Eggs In My Pocket said...

How cute Jewel is! Have a blessed new year! blessings, Kathleen

Lynne said...

What indeed Daisy. They are truly lovely companions, and funny at times.

Kathleen- yes she does look cute doesn't she.

Happy New Year to you all.

Candace said...

Molly would have started with Mum first... lol. Poor little bun -- but Jewel's name certainly fits her! What a lovely girl.