Saturday, 6 December 2008

What a tease I've been

This is where I've been:

Sweden's capital.
It was very cold.

Can you tell?

But the shops made it cheery,
and Christmassy.

We made a special visit to this one as it was a haberdashery. My friend knows I like anything to do with fabric, ribbons and such things. This shop although small was packed full of tapes, ribbons, cord, tassels; on the counter, behind the counter, round the walls, stacked on the floor and hanging from the ceiling.
Some of the biggest tassels I've seen.

I believe they supply the local theatres in the city.

Before we reached the haberdashery we peered into an interesting shop. We just had to call in. It was small but crammed with anything and everything connected with tea. Well it was the Tea Centre! Although I didn't take any photos, a couple can be found here. It was well worth calling in, and my friend made a purchase of some teas, of course.

I'd seen some of these on the internet and would have walked right past this one but my friend spotted it so I had to take a photo, pleased that we'd seen not one but two. I'm not sure of their purpose. To keep the poles warm in the freezing weather? I think it must be something to do with the Swedes whimsical sense of humour. I just wonder whether someone stands there knitting (or crotcheting) them from beginning to end. Or do they make them beforehand and just stitch them round the pole.
I suppose that would be the sensible thing to do?
What we were truly amazed at during our stay in Stockholm, was how friendly everyone was.


Anonymous said...

How very pretty your pictures are and yes, I can tell it's cold. I clicked on your pictures and the details are amazing. The Tea Shoppe sounds especially fun. It's nice to hear from you and see where and what you've been doing.

Lynne said...

Thank you Mildred.
I'll have some more 'cold 'pictures coming up soon.

Anonymous said...

Mildred at Nalley Valley told me about your blog and I just had to pop over and see! I'm so very glad I did!! Your dogs are absolutely breathtaking. So very elegant. The picture of Jewel in the sun is truly wonderful. I love all the shops dressed in their Christmas best! You are a wonderful photographer and have a beautiful blog. It looks unimaginably cold there, but I live in Texas (USA) where we enjoy 115 degree summer days and endure 40 degree winter nights (brrrrrr).

Anonymous said...

Oh, by the way, that pole warmer (if that is what it is) has a pink cross-over ribbon on it. Here in America that stands for the fight against breast cancer. I suspect that the person who made that did it in honor of a person who has had breast cancer.

angelique said...

Sorry this has been a long time coming. Thank you for your comment on my blog. I have neglected it somewhat but plan to get back to it. To answer your question we are originally from Australia, we are not really very far from home but I can tell you it is completely different. I will catch up on your travels when I have some time. Cheers

Lynne said...

Miss Linda, thank you for your kind comments, I really appreciate them.
Thanks for letting me know that the pink cross over ribbon is in honour of someone although I knew it was for breast cancer.

Angelique, thank you for getting back to me.

Daisy said...

I'm glad to finally hear where you were! HA HA!

The haberdashery shop sounds like it would be quite fun to visit!

Is your husband from Sweden? Is that how you happened to move there? Just curious. :)

French Fancy said...

I love the horse in the shop window. I've always wanted to visit Stockholm