Monday, 8 December 2008

Snow Pictures

This is the view from our front door yesterday.

The snow that fell through the night, clung to the branches of the lilac tree, splaying it apart, bending it low. Fearing the weight of the snow might push the lilac tree into this ungainly position permanently, I took a broom to prod the branches to dislodge the snow. It was succesfull and the branches each swayed back to their rightful positions.

As you can see here where I've cleared half of the lilac. The half that is cleared is now upright once again.
After clearing the lilac I continued clearing the hedge behind it. You can just see it in the first photo.

Everywhere we looked

was just

a treat for the eyes,

a magical winter wonderland for sure.


Sarah said...

I love these pictures-I want snow too!

Candace said...

Just gorgeous! This is how I think of winter. I found you and your blog through Sarah Wallis at Circles of Rain. And like Sarah, I'd love to wake up to this also!

My own greyhound Molly is very happy not to have snow, however, here in Georgia. Thanks for sharing these wonderful shots!

Anonymous said...

What a magical world! Truly beautiful photos. Thanks for sharing.

French Fancy said...

Hello Lynne, remember me? What fantastic photos. Mind you I'm not a snow lover because when it is fresh it is lovely but I always fall over in the ice.

I've gone purply pink since you last came to visit

Sweetina said...

You are living such a dreamy life in such a Winter Wonderland!
It must be amazing living in Sweden!
I just found your blog and already I feel as if I know you and the pups!

Lynne said...

Sarah- hope you get some snow soon. Though not likely I don't suppose.
Saw a photo of you over at Candace's, and what a lovely doll you had made for her.

Candace- Thanks for visiting. You have a greyhound too? Aren't they lovely animals. Jewel just loves the snow.

Mildred- Thanks for your kind words. Do you get snow where you are?

French Fancy- We've been falling over lots it's been so slippy.

Sweetina- thank you for visiting and your kind comments. Yes it is a dream, we have to keep pinching ourselves. The pups love it too!


kendalee said...

Wow! This is like a fantasy wonderland - SOOOO beautiful! Here it's just a bit grey and gloomy today so I'm happy for a window into your magical world... :o)

rosabeer said...

What a beautiful picture's you have made.
greetings marja

Lynne said...

Kendalee- yes it's still beautiful here but now it's getting colder too.

Rosabeer- Greetings, thank you.


Daisy said...

BRRR! It looks mighty cold there, but beautiful too. I'm glad you rescued the lilac bush. That is one of my favorite flowers. I love the way they smell in the spring. Have a great day, Lynne! Stay warm. :D

Lynne said...

Thanks Daisy, I love the smell of the lilac too. They seem to be very popular here as well.