Sunday, 28 December 2008

Squirrels, Treetops and Birthdays

I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas, snow or no snow.

We had a white Christmas.
As it's so cold, -5 to -10 degrees centigrade, the snow that fell a while ago is still here. Sometimes we wake to a heavy frost making the trees all white again.

I think it's been so cold that we got a new visitor to our garden.

Or maybe two!

There are lots of squirrels in the forest but they often remain well hidden, and until this last week I had never seen one in the garden.

The first one comes and feeds under the kitchen window. He/she seems quite young to me, though I'm no expert.

The one on the little yellow house may be the same one or a different one, I'm not sure.

The weather has been lovely over the Christmas period. We already had the snow then the sun came out and made it all special again.

Yesterday, after Mike spent Boxing Day (UK holiday on 26th), in bed, we took a walk to a lake with the dogs (of course).

Jewel was straight onto the ice.
She has no fear and doesn't hesitate.

We both felt the benefit of the walk.
But then Mike wasn't feeling well again today.
So I've spent a quiet day, walking the dogs some, and taking a few photos.
It was too lovely not to, though the photos don't always do it justice.

I didn't stray far though.

This is the view from the back of the house.
The house sits in a hollow, on top of the mountain.
(It's a hill really).

And during the winter months, the sun doesn't make it above the trees.
And as we're surrounded by trees,
only the treetops
get the sun.

And they look lovely.

Later, the light was particularly special.
Sort of eerie.
But the dogs heard me getting my coat, and they came trotting up from the bedroom, where they'd been sharing it with Mike. Or in Rufus's case, came bounding up!
And by the time we had a walk in the forest where it was already dark, when we came out of the forest,
the sun was setting.

So we stood a while,
Paddy, Jewel and Rufus,
gazing about us.

Sometimes one would turn their head and look towards the forest, and I'd notice,
that they had all turned to look.
Something was there,
perhaps watching us,
a fox,
or a deer
or two?

And then we carried on back to the warmth of our cosy little house,
with the log fire.
In a beautiful forest.

And Mike, still not well,
but feeling a bit better.

A quiet end,
to a quiet birthday.


Sarah said...

What sweet squirrels. I have only ever seen two red squirrels-up in Scotland this summer-they ran across the road in front of my car!
Your walk looks beautiful-especially the light on the trees. Hope your husband is feeling much better and happy birhtday. :)

Sue said...

What a lovely post. Honestly, reading about your life in your country seems like something out of a book! Our weather here has been so strange. Basically, we had an 87 degree change in our weather in a week. Last Sunday, the wind chill was 27 below zero and yesterday, the temperature was 60! We had thunderstorm warnings out for yesterday.

Anyway, was it your birthday? HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you, if so. Have a GREAT week.

Leah/ Texas/ United States said...

ooooooh, that xmas cake looks FABulous. and the sunset is gorgeous.

thanks for visiting my blog, even though you didn't win scraps this week, try again on Saturday as I will have another contest.

Happy holidays!

Lynne said...

Yes it was my birthday yesterday. What a time to have a birthday right in between Christmas and New Year! Thanks for the birthday wishes.

Sarah- I love red squirrels, although these in Sweden are not the lovely red colour that they are in the UK.
Oh, and Mike seems to be okay today thank you.

Sue- That is a big variation in temperature.

Leah- Ahh well, there's always next time.

And we do have two squirrels, as they are both at their respective feeding stations now.

Anonymous said...

A belated happy birthday! The photos are just magical. I feel like they are out of a fairy tale book of old. Hope your husband feels better soon.

Lynne said...

Thank you Mildred.

Daisy said...

Happy birthday a little late to you, Lynne! I hope your husband feels better soon. I know what you mean about how a walk can make you feel better. I have often had that feeling too. Your squirrels are so cute. The ones we have around here are mostly black or grey rather than red. Ours don't have the tufted ears like that either. I really love your treetops photo--very beautiful! I hope you have a lovely week. :)

Terry and Jackie said...

I am thrilled to have discovered your blog...and have just finished reading the whole thing. I'm having a "me" company, no work, no kids...nothing I have to I chose to drink tea and explore blogland. Your photos are wonderful. I have thoroughly enjoyed myself.
Please drop by my blog if you have a minute.
Jackie from The Red Door

Anonymous said...

Hei Lynn,
First of all congratulations on your birthday, or in dutch:
Hartelijk gefeliciteerd met jouw verjaardag !!
What a fantastic picture of the squirrel, you may even make a Christmas-card out of it for next year !! I've put the mince-pies-pictures :) on my blog.
Greetings from Janneke.

Teresa said...

Hello Lynne... and a slightly late "Happy Birthday!"

Love your photos (visiting your blog is like leafing through one of those gorgeously photographed travel books!), especially the treetops and the setting sun. Thanks for sharing your beautiful environment!

ELK said...

lynne how nice to meet you and your wonderful greyhounds....your images are so clear and unusual in this post ...favorite the talll trees!!
blessings on your birthday...sometimes quiet reflective days are really quite nice!

Sandi said...

Oh, to have a white christmas. One day. Love the photos of the snow, your dogs, and the area in which you live. The squirrels are so cute. Hope hubby is feeling better now.
It is rather warmish here today in sub-tropical Queensland - around 35oC. Might get another thunderstorm tonight - that will cool things down a little :)

Lynne said...

Thank you Daisy- a walk is always a good idea.
The squirrel's ears are cute aren't they?

Jackie- glad you've enjoyed yourself. It's always nice to take some time out for oneself isn't it? And what a lovely combination too, tea and blogs. Did you take some cake too?
I'll certainly drop by later.

Thank you Janneke- Maybe I'll be learning Dutch before I learn Swedish too!
I hadn't thought about using the squirrel photo for a card for next Christmas, good one.
Your mincepies look great, but I need to call back and leave you a comment I think.

Thanks Teresa- what can I say?

ELK- you're right, I did enjoy the day. And thank you for calling and for your lovely comments.

Sandi- Funny to think you are getting quite different weather to here!

Candace said...

Happy belated and I hope Mike is tiptop again very soon.
What beautiful scenes you share with us. Thank you!