Wednesday, 28 February 2007

Another Recipe Book?

No, two!
We have a collection of recipe books and have to try to look the other way whilst in a book shop so as not to add to the collection. But when we moved to Sweden we left most of them in the UK to be collected at a later date. In the meantime friends bought us Swedish recipe books written in English which are great. I've tried several of the recipes now including Moose! But when we saw these two for a good price and written by a Swedish cook we have watched on TV I thought I'd have them. Yes they are in Swedish and I've already started translating some of the recipes in order to try them out.
What better way to learn a language than through food?

Tuesday, 27 February 2007

A Busy Weekend continued

Sunday A friend invited us to watch a friend of his practising speedway on ice.
What fun, will have to have a go, but not when all those blokes are stood watching.

Next he took us to a nearby downhill ski slope.

We didn't realise there was one so close to us.

It is manned by volunteers.

We were most impressed with this little chap.

He had a lovely calm confident manner about him.

He skied from top to bottom with his dad following behind keeping an eye on him.

A Busy Weekend

A skating race in our second village Yes we have two. This one is 3km. away.The race takes place on the frozen lake.
The snow is cleared to make a track on the lake of varying distances.

Men, women and children took part.
My fingers were sometimes too cold to press the shutter button!
I'm not sure who won, and yes it was very cold!
I thought this a nice picture, taken on my way home.

The water is not frozen here as it is a channel under the road from one lake to another.

There are 5 lakes in our area all inter connected to one another.

The largest of which is the one closest to us and is about 10 miles long.