Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Midsummer Madness

Swedish style.

I have been away from my blogging,
and my blogging friends for too long.
So before June ends
I thought I would call in
and end my
'Blogging Block.'
Well I'm sure bloggers can suffer from a writers block as well
don't you think?

Anyway, what better way to break the drought
than to celebrate the summer.
The long sunny days.
And the long light nights.
As I sit here in Bun Mountain Cottage with 59 minutes until midnight,
it is still daylight outside.
It is amazing!
And very welcome after the long dark winter.
So no wonder the Swedes like to celebrate it.

Everywhere there are wild flowers.
Everything has grown such a lot.

I've been away a couple of times in June,
and when I returned the first time
it was to grey wet weather.
Surprisingly I was returning from a sunny UK!

The second time I went away for a few days,
I returned the morning of Midsummer celebrations.
I travelled through some torrential rain to get home,
but the photos above were taken the following day
when the sun made an appearance.
And it's been back with a vengeance ever since.
It's been so hot!
My friends in hot climes,
I sympathise with you now.
I don't know how you put up with constantly hot, hot weather.
I want to melt!
The Hounds find it hard too!

Here they are all eager to have a drink after a slow, leisurely walk .

And here Jewel is having a shower to cool her down.
Paddy has had his and is feeling happier for it.

Jewel doesn't look so happy here does she?
And sure enough,
a few days later when Mike went to get the hose,
she slipped her lead and ran off!
'Enough of that,' she thought.
But we did get her back.
Mike had to go and collect her,
from our neighbour,
who kindly rang to say that she was up at her house frightening all the cats!

Well Mike is off on his travels tomorrow for 2 weeks.
So I expect to be on the computer more regularly.
Except he's taking the camera with him!
Well we'll see what tomorrow brings.
I do have some photos from my travels.
Perhaps we'll have a look at some of them.

Thank you to all of you who have enquired after me.
Maybe I'll have some explanations tomorrow.