Monday, 25 April 2011

Swanning Around

Here are the photos I was telling you about yesterday,
even though the post is dated for today.
I took so long between starting it and posting it.

The first photo is taken just down from the swimming baths.
It just gives a different perspective of the river to the one I usually photograph.
Also the path/cycle track runs right next to the river.
A downside if you're a bit wobbly on a bicycle maybe!

This set of 5 photos shows a swan that's made it's nest
in the car park of our local town, Bernkastel.
A temporary fence has been put up between the nest and the road.

It looks quite at home don't you think.

This next photo shows you how I am spending my time on the balcony,
now that I have run out of books to read.

I've just added this last photo.
All the rest I uploaded earlier today.
It takes so long, that I go off to do something else.
So they've been sitting here since this morning.

This photo was taken a short while ago when Mike and I
visited Bernkastel for an early evening stroll around the town,
and an ice cream of course.
I will have to visit the swans regularly in the hope of seeing the eggs hatch.
Maybe I should do a weekly update.
What do you think?

Funny Bunnys

Just stopped by with some Easter Bunnies to wish you all a Happy, Hoppy Easter!

This morning I set off to go swimming,
only to get there and find the pool was closed.
I half expected it,
but luckily,
I took my camera with me
and stopped off a couple of times
to take some pictures before returning home.

These weren't the photos I took though!
I was just messing about with these this afternoon.
Then I had a go at putting them on Blogger.

I had trouble trying to upload some photos onto Blogger last week.
So I'm afraid I just gave up.
But I have been taking photos most days.

I haven't been spending much time on the computer lately.
For two reasons I suppose.
One, it's been very hot here.
And it seems wrong to sit inside on the computer
on beautiful, sunny hot days.
But it feels right
to sit on the balcony,
in the shade reading a book.
I've been reading 3 books since I last posted on here.
I've been engrossed with the Stieg Larsson Millenium trilogy.
It starts with 'The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.'
And it just took over my waking hours.
But now they're finished
and I've run out of books to read.
So I must get all those photos sorted
and start posting them on here.
Hope you all had a lovely Easter.

Thursday, 7 April 2011

Fancy a Walk?

As I'm on my own at the moment,
I thought you might like to join me
on this mornings walk.

As it was very misty this morning,
I waited until it had cleared
before driving up the valley.
So it was later than usual
and very warm.
I decided to seek shade where I could.
This road offered some shade for a while,
as well as being very pretty.

It was a shortish walk
to where the view opened out across the valley.

While admiring the view,
this plane flew over.
It is a regular.
Sometimes there are two of them,
and they fly quite low,
and slow.
Apparently they are training planes.

On a bit more
and we have reached the end of the track.
It used to continue,
but now they are building a new road.

So we turn round to go back down,
but not before we see a deer leaping through the bushes.
As usual, Jewel got very excited.
She would have ran after it if I hadn't had tight hold of her.
Unfortunately the deer was too quick for me with the camera.

Back near the start of our walk
we pass this hostel.
It's used by groups,
mainly young people I think.
The new road runs right behind it.
It's future is uncertain.
I think the beauty of this place
is that it feels quite isolated
without really being so.

Next we follow the road down to the left.
We pass where the van is parked
and carry on.

Admiring the trees as we go.

We take a track into the vineyards.
I stop to watch a lizard
on these old poles.
Can you see it?
It's more or less in the centre of the photo
on the end of the pole.
It's tale is hanging down.
Click on the photo for a larger view.

As I stop a moment to look at the lizard,
Jewel takes the opportunity to have a lie down.
Paddy joins her.

So I take a look at the vineyards.

They are looking very bare.
No leaves,
and little vine.
You can see the difference in these two photos
in the way that the vines are trained.

Looking below me,
I can see that the dandelions are taking hold in some of the vineyards.
Can you see the little tractor
in between the vines?

Time to go.
There's a welcome drink at the end of the walk for some.

It turned out to be another hot day today,
perhaps the hottest yet.
I noticed the thermometer reading 26 degrees centigrade in the shade this afternoon.
But there was some wind as well,
always a sign of a change in the weather.
As long as it doesn't rain tomorrow.

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Sprinkles Anyone?

It was an early start for us,
4 a.m. to be precise,
to get Mike to the airport for his flight to Stansted.

This afternoon
I was sitting on the balcony
missing Mike,
when the phone rang.
It was my friend
inviting me out for a bike ride
to Bernkastel,
and an ice cream when we got there.
Her 12 year old son,
and his friend
were coming too.

It was just what I needed.

Though when she said
ice cream,
I imagined an
ice cream cornet.

So what a surprise
when we sat down to these.
What a delight.
The bike ride was good too!

Sunday, 3 April 2011

Going Barefoot

This is the weather we woke up to yesterday.
Mike was disappointed as it was forecast for
beautiful sunny warm weather.

I took these on our morning walk with the hounds.

But look at it an hour later.

This is taken from our window.
The forecast was correct.

Later when I was at the computer,
I heard a familiar noise.
For some reason,
this little Blue Tit keeps coming to this window
and flying at it as though it wants to come in.
It doesn't appear to be looking for insects.
Sometimes he sits on the windowsill
and looks in.

In the afternoon
I went into the garden and
took some photos.
It was too hot to do anything else.

I planted these tulips last year.

all the sunny weather
has brought out the dandelions.
It's amazing how quickly they flower.
There was only about 3 in flower the previous day.

I did manage to put some pansies in a window box.

Before collapsing back inside with a cup of tea.
A pick-me-up
before walking the hounds with Mike.

There's patches of white blossom
across the hillsides. 

Is it wild plum do you think?

We kept our walk short as it was so hot
and tried to stay in the woods
which offered some shade.
It was 24 degrees centigrade on the balcony
when I looked earlier.
It was all too much for Jewel
who just had to lie down
while waiting for Mike to take
the boy's collars off.

Once back home,
I had a shower to cool off,
and then went barefoot
for the rest of the afternoon/evening.

it has been raining!

Saturday, 2 April 2011

Pollen Paddy

Pussy Willows.
Aren't they lovely?
There have lots of them here in the valley
for the last few weeks.

I think Paddy likes them too.
Looks as though he has been nosying around in them.
Not sure how he reached them though.

I don't think he likes having his photo taken.
Not close ups anyway.

The sun is shining here after a very misty start.
Hope the sun is shining for you.
Have a great weekend.

Friday, 1 April 2011

River Reflections

These photos were taken on two separate occasions
just a couple of days apart.

Of course we were out with the hounds on both occasions.
Can you see the sundial on the far side of the river?

I liked the look of this truck
with it's reflection.
The river is so still.

Unlike here, where Jewel is doing her usual mad splashing in the water.

Here's a barge heading our way.

Jewel's keeping her eye on it.

The hounds aren't usually bothered about the barges,
except once they've passed,
and the bow wave comes
and splashes us if we don't move.
Either way, it often makes a lot of noise as it runs
along the banks.
Arthur gets excited when this happens.
Maybe he doesn't see what's happening so well.

I especially like to walk down by the river
when there's no wind.
That's when the reflections are at their best.