Thursday, 20 November 2014

Fish in a Jumper

This morning was lovely and sunny, too nice to be indoors, so my sister and I took a short walk with our cameras.

We walked as far as the river, which isn't very far at all, and admired the views from the bridge.

My sister spotted a dipper. I took this photo on full zoom, which isn't enough to show the bird up well. My sister's camera captured it better with it's bigger zoom. It was lovely to watch the bird diving into the water and swimming around.

Then I spotted this fish beneath us on the bridge. It was just keeping it's place in the river with very little effort against the current. It looked most peculiar, as from our position above, it looked to me as though it was wearing a jumper. It's head and tail were pale while the rest of its body was dark. It was probably a salmon, a big one too.

There's plenty of leaves left on the trees.

There are still flowers to be seen too.

Altogether, a morning to brighten the spirits.

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

A Walk Along the Wall

This morning started off sunny.
So we went for a walk.
By the time we got to the start of our walk it had clouded over.
Our walk was to be along part of
We started at Banks
and parked near a Roman turret.
The path followed the edge of fields
before diverting through a wood.

To get out of the wood
we went through a kissing gate,

and into the sunshine.

From then on
it was lovely and sunny,
and quite warm.

The sun cast distinct shadows.

At last we could see our destination ahead.
It lies on the wall
and is on the site of a Roman fort.



There were a few other people visiting the site which was sadly closed.
So no tea and cake at the café then.
At this time of year it's only open at weekends.

Then we set off on our return walk.
the long

With lovely views.

At the end of which,
after a short car journey,
we found a tearoom.

But that's a visit for another day.