Tuesday, 24 March 2009

The Sun Has Got His Hat On

Hip hip hip hooray.
Mike was singing this song last week.
He was enjoying being back home
and the sun was shining.
I was happy that he was home.
It was the longest time I had spent here on my own.
During the winter too,
when the nights are dark,
and the dogs have to have their last walk in the dark.
I kept thinking about bears waking from their slumbers,
and wolves walking,
in search of prey.
So I am very pleased that Mike is home
and I don't have to do that walk by myself now.
I was also very pleased to get the camera back.
Mike had taken it with him.
And I do like to include photos each time I post.
These past few days we've had more snow.
What more snow?
Just as we thought it was all disappearing too.
But that's the way it goes here.
You never can tell.

I thought it would be nice to take some photos of the woodpecker against the snow.

I also took some photos of the dogs.

Nothing new there then.

Jewel looks so tucked in, with her paw cushioning her head.

I got some pics of Paddy and Rufus running round the garden.

I was quite pleased with this one.

All of Rufus' feet are off the ground.

On Sunday, Mother's Day was celebrated in the UK.

In Sweden it is celebrated the last weekend in May.

I had wanted to post something on Sunday to mark the occasion,

but the computer was playing up.

However I did make a cake.

And in the background you can see some of my mum's embroidery.

It is a chairback cover.

One I remember from my childhood.

I used to look at it and picture myself in the garden amongst the old fashioned flowers.
I think my sister must have the matching pair to it,

it was of sentimental value to her as well.

Then just as I finished taking photos of the cake,

I went to pick the camera off the worktop,

and as I picked it up,

the strap snagged round a door handle,

and the camera fell to the floor.

So now I have a camera, but it doesn't work!

I'm not sure we can fix it.

Edited: please note, I have included paragraphs and kept line spacing the same, but Blogger seems to have it's own way of doing things.

Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Keeping Busy

Mike has been away these past 2 weeks or more.
So I have kept myself busy.
He's also got the camera with him so it's not possible to show any photos of what I've been up to while he's been away.
But I take so many photos anyway that I've usually got photos to hand for most eventuality.
So what have I been up to?
Well these chaps and chapess keep me on my toes.

Though you would never think it to see them in these pictures here!

Paddy has an internal clock that tells him,
(so therefore me),
when it is time for him to eat,
and when it is time to go for a walk.
He is very insistent,
if I don't respond straight away.
And once Paddy is up
then Rufus gets up

and together they vie for my attention.
Like jealous little children
If it was just Jewel and I on our own we could just cuddle up together.
She is very quiet in the house.
As can be seen from the above photos
they are typical greyhounds.
They like to spend a lot of time sleeping.
They are known as 45 mile an hour couch potatoes.
So when they are sleeping,
and all is quiet,
apart from a snore,
or two,
I have been sewing.
I have joined the Great Hexagon Quilt Along,
(I really must find out how to put logos on my side bar),
which is an attempt to complete my hexagon quilt.
Perhaps this year sometime!
Man vet aldrig.
What a useful Swedish saying that is,
(you never know).
I have also been doing some other sewing similiar to the ATC's,
(artist trading cards),
shown here.
I said in a previous post (Catching Up), that I would show these.
Today has been lovely and sunny,
a bit like the UK I believe,
so I thought I would add a suitable photo.
Blue skies!
Please forgive me for not adding links.
My computer just doesn't want to play ball.
Or is it just Blogger that won't let me?
Is anyone else having similiar trouble?
Another problem is the spacing just doesn't stay as I type it.
It re-configures when it gets posted!
Most frustrating.

Saturday, 14 March 2009

Man vet aldrig

Hush I think it might be thawing.

Yesterday when I took the car down the track that leads to our house,
it felt as though I was going down a tobogan run.

The track runs down hill and has snow walls either side, steeper than the ones seen here.

I would have liked to have gone faster so that it felt more like a tobogan run,
but remembering that I had spilled
both myself and Mike off the snowscooter a couple of weeks ago,
I thought better of it.

Besides the hounds were in the back
and I don't think they would have appreciated slewing from side to side.

But the very next day, it seemed as though the thaw had properly set in.
There are now patches in the tobogan run where the gravel shows through.
The snow walls are begining to slump down into themselves.

Icicles hang from all the roofs.
Making pretty patterns.

This is part of how the roof was looking on 1st March.
Most of this snow has fallen off the roof now.
It makes a loud noise as it falls off.

Usually at night.

I'm on my own at the moment while Mike is away.
So it's a bit of a shock when it happens,
until I realise what it is.

There was a particularly loud crash of snow falling off the roof a few nights ago.
Paddy was all alert ready to bark at whatever was making the noise.
That's as far as he will go.
Rufus and Jewel just carried on sleeping, unperturbed.

But there's been a few false thaws already.
Usually the following day it's snowed all day.
So much
that I've had to wait for the snowplough to come before I could take the car out.
man vet aldrig.
You never know.

Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Grey Flowers

Another grey day!
Here on Bun Mountain.
Elsewhere in Blogworld, there are lovely photos of spring flowers
springing up everywhere.
Well I would be hard pushed to find any in our garden at present.
So I thought I would create some of my own floweryness
in the shape of some buns,
and coffee,
my favourite.
I thought I had some sugar flowers to decorate them with,
but they turned out to be hearts.
Shame I didn't see them in time for Valentine's day.
Never mind they look a bit like flowers
and I teamed them with some other floweryness.

Mmmmmmm delicious!

Monday, 2 March 2009

Catching Up

This morning I woke to a dull

Not at all like the picture above which was taken on
Valentines Day.

After walking the dogs,
feeding the birds,
lighting the fire to keep cosy,
I set too to
do some sewing.
I had a deadline
and it was up.
Last night I spent the evening sewing,
hand sewing,
something I enjoy.
So I only had a little left to do,
and some cards to make.
Once all was complete,
(the dogs were being very patient waiting for their walk)
I looked to see that it was snowing,
still snowing.
It had been snowing since I started sewing.
Very poetic!
The sewing and cards I had made were destined to go on a long journey.
They couldn't stay in Bun Mountain Cottage.
They had a journey to make.
Six seperate journeys to:
The Netherlands,
and two to the USA.

Their journey began with me hoping that once I made it down the track to the road
we could make it back up the track!
Fortunately although it was snowing steadily,
it was thin,
So whilst out posting my little packets,
I took the hounds out for a walk
somewhere different.
They were quite excited
to be out somewhere different.
I was quite excited that I had at last managed to complete
this part of the swap I am involved in.
A little late,
(the deadline had been extended,
fortunately for me).
So onto the next round of the swap.
I hope to show you some photos
of what I've been up to.
Once the packets
have reached their destinations.
And in working on my sewing.
I had the idea of what I can offer
in the way of a give away
for my
hundredth post,
which is coming up soon.
I must just check when.
I'd best get sewing.
Catch you later.