Friday, 24 December 2010

Happy Christmas

Wishing you a very
Happy Christmas!

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Proper Snow at Last

I've been watching all the snow reports from the UK
and hoping that Mike would make it back okay,
which he did.
Thank goodness!
Yesterday we took a walk along the river as usual
and saw that the level of the river was high.
It was raining steady, and what snow we had
was thawing.
Today when we took our usual route to the river,
we found our path flooded.
Not only the path
but a large expanse of area
was under water.
I've shown the view below before
when people have been waiting for a boat.
Now I know why the benches, bins and playground are removed over winter!

Last night,
it snowed properly,
making everything very pretty.

So after the hounds had finished their walk,
I went back out and had a walk through the allotments near to our house.

And snapped away.

Well I had been missing out on all that snow
everyone has been experiencing in the UK.

I wonder what tomorrow will bring?

Thursday, 2 December 2010

Christmas is a Coming

 December already,
and I've been busy making Christmas cards.
Some have even been posted,
and we've received our first one,
sorry, two!

Mike and I went to a Christmas market in our neighbouring village at the weekend.

It took place in the Guildhall.

There were only about 10 stalls,
but all quite different.

We went with friends.
After we'd had a look at all the stalls,
and chatted to some other friends,
who had one of the stalls,
and bought one or two things,
we had some Gluwein.
It was delicious.
Very warming.
Just what we needed
before walking back home...

...through the lovely old market square.
I always like walking through it,
but it's especially nice with the Christmas lights.

After saying goodnight to our friends,
we had the last bit to walk on our own,
past this lovely Christmas display.
It's a garden centre
and it always has lovely displays.
I like to take a walk
or a cycle ride,
(weather permitting),
just to see what they have on display.

Mike's in the UK at the moment,
braving all that winter weather!
I'm hoping he can get back here as planned next week,
otherwise, I might be spending Christmas on my own!
With the hounds of course.
Is it Christmassy where you are?
And, have you got snow?
If you're in the UK,
it might be a case of,
how much snow?