Tuesday, 2 March 2010


Today has been a lovely sunshiny day.
Just like spring.
Jewel enjoyed being out on the balcony.
She likes to sunbathe!
And I managed to take those pictures
I didn't get round to yesterday.
There were even more flowers out today,
and brighter.

I got to ride my bike as well.
It's an age since I've been out on a bike.
Mike went and collected this one from the UK
a few weeks back,
just so's I can go out on it
with the camera,
and get more photos!
Although today was sunny,
it was still cool,
especially on my hands.
In fact when we got back,
I was very, very cold!
I had to warm up with a cup of tea,
and a piece of cake I'd made at the weekend.
I'll have to do the same journey again and take the camera with me
especially so I can show you the views.
even with the landscape as bare as it is at the moment.

Once I'd warmed up,
it was time to take the hounds out for their walk.
It entailed a drive to get to where we were yesterday.
Jewel and Arthur spent the whole way there standing up.
Mostly peering out the windscreen.
Which meant hot doggy breath
over our shoulders.
Jewel is the one with the beady eyes.
Arthur is spreading his hot breath around!
But he's happy.

Mike sorted the hounds out while I took some photos.
I made sure I took plenty,especially for Mildred,
who  asked to see our walk,
which I am more than happy to do.

Already at the start of our walk
you can see trees that were brought down in the gales at the weekend.
It's happened all over.
In some places trees
have had to be cleared from minor roads,
such as where we took the bikes earlier.
The road was closed to cars
but we got by on our bikes.
In fact
when I took some of the photos for my grey post
at the weekend,
it was quite scary.
The wind in the trees was very,
noisy at times.
Even the hounds were looking up to see what was making the noise.

But today the skies were blue.

We set off in one direction
across open land.
We are on a plateau here,
above the valley
so you can see for miles.

But as we walked on,
the track became muddy,

and no matter which way we turned,
trees blocked the tracks.

Mike is trying to find a way through here,

as I gaze upwards,

at the blue sky.
So we turn back the way we've just come.

But the walk didn't stop here.
We continued on.
But for the rest of the walk,
you'll have to call back tomorrow.
It's gone past my bedtime.
And I need my beauty sleep.


Claus said...

OMG! what a wonderful post! Absolutely beautiful pictures! The views are breath-taking, your dogs are gorgeous, and the purple flowers...just so pretty! What a great walk it must have been.
And you have a bike! do you know I like bikes a lot! especially those of the GP series. Some say I'm crazy :-) and if I had the money, I would definitely had one :-))
Have a lovely day!!

Anonymous said...

What amazing pictures Lynne. That wind must have been frightening! Those are some huge trees upturned. Jewel is so precious soaking up the sunshine. I had no idea you rode a bike. Looks like a perfect day to ride around under those blue skies.
Yesterday we had very warm temps and then today it snowed all day long. I'm looking forward to Spring! Thanks so much for the mention and most of all thanks for the pictures.

Protege said...

Absolutely stunning pictures! You are so much more ahead in spring! Look at your lovely crocuses in full bloom They love the sun and open when it is out.;)

Daisy said...

Fantastic pictures, Lynne! Love the flowers--how pretty! The trees coming down--wow--that must have been some strong winds.

Kath said...

Because their ears are usually "folded back" you forget what large ears hounds have. My old dog Ellie, looks like an ardvaak when they are fully extended :D
Love the pics!

Louvregirl said...

Lovely photos...I thoroughly enjoyed them!! What elevation do you live at (is your village at)?

Hadriana's Treasures said...

For some reason I love those pictures of the fallen trees. I imagine it must have sounded quite scary as they were blown down.

I wasn't in London at the time of the great storm. I've often wondered what that must have been like...