Monday, 8 March 2010

Weekend Contrasts

We woke to snow on Saturday.

But the sun was shining in the vineyards.

And the village across the river
looked pretty.

After our walk with the hounds,
I had a quick walk around our village on my own
hoping for some interesting photos.
But by then the sun had gone in.

So for a bit of colour,
I took the photo above of a butcher,
and a pig.
I wonder what the butcher is doing!
Life size papier mache figures can be seen all around the village.
I've shown one of a clown before.
I'm told the artist lives in the village.

The photo below is also colourful.
It looks like an Easter egg tree!
In Sweden they used to tie coloured feathers to bushes at Eastertime. 

After a dull day on Saturday,
the sun came out on Sunday.
But it was cold,
and a bit windy,
which made it very cold.
It didn't stop us going for a walk
above the village though.
We walked across the plateau
where we can see for miles.
Mike is just a dot in the distance.
Sometimes he waits while I take photos,
sometimes he walks ahead,
and sometimes he offers to take the two hounds that I have with me
making it easier to take photos.

Eventually I caught up with him.
He'd been looking at the work that this bulldozer had been doing.

A road is being built.
Not any old road,
but a road that will connect with a high level bridge across the river,
with a great big roundabout of roads on the plateau,
which will spoil one of our favourite walks!
It is becoming apparent just what the impact will be.

Brothers, Arthur and Rufus.
Notice how Arthurs ears are standing up.
They are usually in this position when he is out for a walk.

We are down in the valley now
and it is Sunday afternoon.
You can see the river in the left of the photo,
and the line of dried grass that the river has left
when it flooded over the path.
The river has been flooded a lot over the last few months.

A nice sign of spring,
Not so nice are the chopped trees.
perhaps they became unsafe in the gales we had. 

Mike is standing with Jewel and Paddy
at the waters edge,
where they launch canoes in the warmer months.

Paddy is a bit frisky.
But notice how flat his ears are.
Unlike Arthur's in the photo earlier.
He looks as though he has no ears here!
Of course they can flatten their ears making them more aerodynamic.
After all they are built for speed.

He started jumping around
making it difficult to get him in shot.
He would like nothing better than to have a good run,
he would just carry on running.
He's done it before.
So unfortunately he has to stay on the lead.
They all have to.
They cannot be trusted to have a run and come back.
Such wayward hounds!

This last photo was taken this morning.
I like to watch the barges on the river.
(Mike says he'll get me an anorak.)

On the far side of the river you can see that the banks are whitish in places,
it isn't snow,
it's where they've been spraying or spreading something in the vineyards.
There's been quite a few workers in the vineyards of late.
I suppose it is a busy time.
As the weather is supposed to stay sunny this week,
I suppose I should get out into our garden too!


AMZi said...

You live in such a lovely area! Great pics!

Anonymous said...

Such pretty pictures and I am glad you pointed out the differences in the dogs' ears. Too bad they can't be trusted to have a free run - Harriet is the same way - she just keeps on going! You will have to tell us what all you will have in your garden this year. Hope you have a lovely week.

Daisy said...

You take such terrific pictures, Lynne! I love the one of the vineyards especially, but they are all very nice. I enjoyed going along on your walk with you.

ADonald466 said...

It's lovely to see the photos of where you live - I would spend time watching the barges too! The dogs are gorgeous - it must keep you fit, walking them every day!!

Tabiboo said...

Such gorgeous contrasts Lynne though it is such a shame about the new road....progress I guess.

Have a fabulous day,

Nina xxx

Kath said...

Lovely photos! I did laugh at the butcher and his pig, I guess he is sharpening his knife!
The hounds are divine. When I first got Roobarb she would run off and dissapear for ages. We would try to count to one hundred before going to find her, but we always lost our nerve! :D
Ellie has those foldaway ears, I have several photos of her looking like she has none at all.

Maggie May said...

Really lovely pictures and the dogs look amazing against the background . Loved the Easter Egg Tree.

Nuts in May

Claus said...

Outstanding pictures as always. Just breath-taking. Love all of them, but especially those of the gorgeous dogs! and dislike - not the picture itself, but the sadness it produces me - of the pig and the butcher! :-( I am vegetarian for animal ethical reasons, so it's a bit disturbing to me that someone has such art in their front yard! Like the easter eggs better.
Lovely, lovely pictures as always Lynne. Thanks for sharing!
have a lovely day.

GardenofDaisies said...

thanks for stopping by my blog today! I really enjoyed going on this "walk" with you today.

bad penny said...

your photos are stunning & I especially liked the one with the dogs by the waterside - beautiful.
Thanks for asking after Sam - he goes on forever that dog !

Protege said...

Your photographs are truly amazing. I am always left speechless. Look at that beautiful snowy landscape. Even though I can not stand seeing snow anymore, these images show it off when it is at its best. Sunning!
Lovely spring photographs as well. It is indeed beautiful contrast in seasons and colours.;)

Joanna Jenkins said...

What a great tour! Thanks.

Your dogs are gorgeous, by the way, so are your pictures-- You ahve a good eye.

Thanks for stopping by my blog (via Hilary's POTW, I think.) It's nice to meet you. I'm off to read more of your blog and wll be back again soon.

All the best,

Louvregirl said...

Wonderful...I love your commentary~ I feel like I went with you!

Yiota said...

Yes, contrasts here, too. We had snow at the beginning of the week but spring has showed its signs too.
I like it where you live!

Vintage from the Village said...

Thank you so much for the comment on my blog- so good to know somebody read it ! it means a lot to me.
It also lead me to your great blog which I will follow
Thanks again
Sue x

Sarah said...

I love your walks Lynne. You describe everything so beautifully and your photos are great. It is a stunning area. I love the picture of the hounds next to the water. It is a shame about the road building. I saw a thing the other day on the morning news which I think was about a small town in Germany. They have so many pot holes after the snow that they are selling them. If you buy one you get your name on a little plaque attached to the road-you are the patron of that pothole! How funny-can't imagine it working here-maybe it won't there either though!
Thanks for your comment about Renee. x

Sandi Butler said...

Loved the photos from your walk, Lynne. Always something interesting going on. Love Arthur's standing up

Margaret said...

Beautiful pictures. I see little signs of spring. The dog pictures are great too. I love Rufus' markings. The tiger striped brindle spots against his white. But they're all gorgeous!

Anya said...

So unique photo's all
Really beautiful !!!

Love your woof.woof..

Hugs from Kareltje =^.^=

kendalee said...

Wow that first picture is just gorgeous! And I love how alert the hounds always look when they're out walking - they seem so in the moment.

Thank you for your kind words yesterday Lynne. It means a lot! Honestly I know it's just a blip and if I weren't so tired it wouldn't all feel so grim. I just need a holiday. Even if I'm at home... not at work, will be immediately better :)

I hope you have a lovely weekend! xx

vanessa said...

Love your new blog header, beautiful, and very cheery. I was just telling Hugo about your Greyhounds, and their penchant for running and running. I was wondering, is the only safe place to let them off the leash on a greyhound race track? Or in a sports stadium? Once, Ellie barked at a greyhound that was off its leash, and it was so scared it took off. I was speechless with the magnificence of it's sprinting, so graceful and so very, very fast. The owner was less thrilled as she puffed after it! Love Vanessa xxx (do you mind if i knit)