Monday, 22 March 2010

UK Trip


I'm due to visit the UK soon tommorrow, and I haven't even posted the photos from my last visit.
So here they are.
I spent some of the time in the north east in Newcastle upon Tyne.
These are all taken on the same afternoon and evening.
After meeting up with the family for lunch,
I had a wander off on my own,
down to the quayside.
Past the cathedral.

It was a lovely evening,
in early December!
After taking photos on the quayside
of some of the bridges,
I crossed over the Tyne,

and visited this building,
The Baltic.
It's an old flour mill,
turned art gallery.

As you can see,
there are a number of bridges that cross the Tyne.
And one of the photos below was taken from The Baltic
high up on the viewing platform.


I took this last photo
on my way back to my friends house.
I got caught up amongst the football crowds
coming out of the match.
The local team are The Magpies,
so called because of their black and white football strips.

Not sure where I'll get to on this visit.
I have only just finalised some of the people who I will be seeing!
But I will get back to you just as soon as I can.


Loopydog said...

Lovely photos as always Lynne. Make me slightly home sick!
You make me very proud.

Lorraine said...

great photos..Geordies are supposed to be really friendly people so have a great time in Newcastle

bad penny said...

super photos

Hadriana's Treasures said...

Award for you over at mine!

I like them for obvious reasons. Have a good trip! Hx

ArtGirl/California/United States said...

youre such a great photographer. love the stark colors and the lights in your photos. the first one with the reflection of the bridge arch and the red thing (fire hydrant?) in the foreground. so lovely. hope you have a wonderful trip

G - O - S said...

great photos Lynne. Forest play the Magpies on Monday night in Newcastle!!!! Come on you Reds!!!
Enjoy your visit.

G - O - S said...

P.S. That was me - alisonb2!

Anonymous said...

hello my dear, how lovely to hear from you. thank you xxx
your blog is looking beautiful as ever, with stunning photographs!
hope you have a fabulous time in the uk.

warm hugs xxx


Tabiboo said...

Have a great trip 'back' to Blighty I think it's due to snow - again!!

Have fun,

Nina x

Sarah said...

I love the Tyne photos Lynne!

Sandi Butler said...

Wonderful photos Lynne. Thanks for taking us to Newcastle :)

Claus said...

You are an inspiration Lynne. I simply can stare at your pictures for hours. They are beatiful and very artistic.
Have a great trip! and do share with us your takes :-)