Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Wooded Walk Part Two

So to continue our walk,
and where I left off yesterday...
more fallen trees!
But before we got to them,
Jewel heard, smelt,
or saw something.
A deer most probably.
She got all excited,
and jumped around a bit.
You can see her here looking all alert.

And here she is jumping over one of the fallen trees.

We did eventually make it as far as here in the photo below,
where we can overlook the river.
Unfortunately not an inspiring photo of a barge.

The sky is still blue.

From our vantage point overlooking the river,
we can follow it's course
and see Bernkastel in the distance.

Can you see the castle on the hill?
I watched as they set off fireworks from it
in September during the wine festival.
Ahhh yes,
we still have all that to look forward to.

I stopped to take one last photo,
or two,
while Mike took all 4 hounds.
But they didn't get very far,
more fallen trees.

So we had to go back the way we came,
back to where we started.

Once back in the car
the sun was setting over the far side of the valley
and I couldn't resist
snapping away at it.

The photos turned out not too bad,
a bumpy road.

Once back in the valley,
the blue skies and the sunset had disappeared
leaving a grey light,
and photos only fit for the delete button.


Anonymous said...

Oh Lynne! The castle!!!!! I can remember riding along and spotting a castle and being so thrilled. All the pictures are lovely and that last one is really beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

Steve Gravano said...

Some beautiful photos. I can't imagine walking four hounds!

Daisy said...

This was another lovely post, Lynne. You take such wonderful pictures. I especially like your sunset photos.

Protege said...

You are an amazing photographer. Your pictures are at all times stunning. I LOVE them all, they all tell a story. You live in a truly beautiful part of Europe.

bad penny said...

Yes, you take great photos of a beautiful area. Your hounds are so elegant - not like great galumphing Dillon !
Thanks for asking after Sam - he's just old. I shall do a post all about him on his birthsay at the endof March.

Kath said...

What a beautiful place you live in. Absolutely majical.

Claus said...

I love the picture of Jewel and her up ear in alert :-) very unique photo indeed. But all of them are really, with a castle nearby! :-o We don't have castles at all in here, so I find them always very interesting. I wonder how much effort and trouble, not to mention lives, went into them. They always seem to be located in very remote areas!
Great post Lynne! thanks for sharing.
have a lovely day!

noelle said...

Lovely photos Lynne, such a nice walk thanks, i'm off to put my feet up now!!!!

Wipso said...

Beautiful photos. Thanks for sharing your walk with us.
A x

G - O - S said...

Very refreshing! Thank you.

ADonald466 said...

Lovely photos - especially the sunset!

kendalee said...

Beautiful day! I love that you take us on your walks with the hounds... and I 'specially like the picture of Jewel jumping the tree - so lively. Her character is very visible :)

Bunty said...

What beautiful pictures - you live in a very pretty part of the world.

Thanks for leaving a kind comment on my blog. :)