Thursday, 4 March 2010

Shopping Trip

Mike is away today and tomorrow,
with the camera.
So I thought I would show you photos I took yesterday.

I think it was one of the nicest days so far this year.
We took our morning walk with the hounds.
But crossed over to the other side of the river.
In the photo above
you can see ours and the neighbouring village.
It looks like one long village but in fact is separated by

In the photo below
we're looking across the river to where I took you on the walk
through the woods
with all the fallen trees.
You can see at the top it's quite flat.
Some of it is covered with woodland,
and some of it is given over to agriculture.
Either way it's home to deer
and other animals. 

Later in the day,
we took a drive a few miles down river.
Mike had someone to see
while I checked out the shopping centre.
The shopping centre consists of a large supermarket
and one or two other outlets.
  I spent most of the time in the supermarket,
and most of that time
looking at the Easter goodies.

There were lots of chocolates.
Different shapes, sizes
and clolours.

I've noticed how the shops in Germany caters for the seasons.
In October there were lots of decorations for houses
for Halloween.
It's the same now for Easter.
Decorations for doors, windows,
They looked lovely.

I took photos of just two of these displays,
but there were more,
I just didn't want to draw attention to myself.
Not that there were that many people around.

Our usual shopping trips are to the local supermarkets,
of which there is a choice.
But this one is larger
and therefore has more choice.
It was different.
I think I'll come here to do the regular shop
every now and then,
just for a change,
and to see what their latest seasonal promotions are.


Sarah said...

So many chocolate bunnies! I had one of those one year but the poor thing just sat in the cupboard uneaten-which was strange really as Andy loves chocolate. I have become immune(more or less) to people giving me funny looks when I am taking photos and have noticed I am not the only one taking photos of strange things at funny times. I always have some cover story in my head as if I am leading a far more exciting life than I really am-such as roving reporter, undercover detective, that kind of thing!
It does look beautiful where you live-such amazing views.

Steve Gravano said...

That's a lot of chocolate bunnies. I love all the bright colors, it's been gray here.

Daisy said...

I love the pictures, Lynne. I enjoyed seeing all the pretty colors for Easter in the shop. Looks like it was a fun outing.

Protege said...

Look at all the chocolate. Ester Bunnies everywhere.;)
Lovely pictures as always.
Have a great Friday,

Kitschen Pink said...

'lots of chocolates' seems like the understatement of the century! I'd have to go into rehab after a visit there! :-) Great pictures! t.x

Anonymous said...

Hi Lynne, Such amazing views when the weather is so clear. I love seeing the Easter/Spring displays and I remember Germany's yummy chocolates. What a fun place to shop. Did you have a large selection of fruits and vegetables to choose from also? Hope you two have a good weekend.

Claus said...

What a colorful place! I'm surprised they let you take the pictures. Security and managers would've been all over me here in Guatemala just at the attempt of trying to get the camera in :-))
In the mood now for some chocolate!! Must get a piece!

have a lovely day!

Tabiboo said...

oh my all those Easter goodies - I must lookk

Have a wonderful weekend,

Nina x

ADonald466 said...

Our supermarket is full of overpriced, overpackaged Easter eggs - last year they were all in minimal packaging, proclaiming their 'green' credentials - I guess that's not so fashionable this year!!

Jen said...

Such a beautiful area!
Oh my goodness! to all the chocolate bunnies!
It smells sooooo good!

Sandi Butler said...

Oh, I just love all of those easter ornaments!

kendalee said...

ooh, lots of easter loveliness! amazing how even a wander around a slightly different shop can improve a day, isn't it?

Hope you have a lovely weekend! xx

G - O - S said...

We sell the bunnies in our corner shop. At Christmas we had reindeer with red ribbon around their neck - very similar! alisonb2

Cynthia L. H. said...

I would enjoy all of the decorations for the seasons! What a lovely selection! Great photos!

georgia b. said...

thanks for stopping by "...shhhh" and giving me the name of the flowers. how sweet those little things are.

glad you stopped by, too. otherwise i would not have found your blog. great photos here!

have a lovely day.

AMZi said...

Oooh, chocolate! Love the views!

Hadriana's Treasures said...

Those decorations look enchanting. I always have the feeling that our European neighbours do the whole decorating thing far better than we do. The Danish have some wonderful house decorations.

I'm waiting for us to be bombarded with chocolate eggs for my two little ones....!

sinnlighet said...

OMG soooooo many chocolate bunnies. Thank you for nice comment on my blog, you made my evening!! Nice blog you have, I must take a look!!

Agneta, a swedish one