Thursday 8 January 2015

A Short Walk

Earlier this week, (Tuesday),
I took the camera for a short walk.
Well the sun was shining,
so it seemed a good idea.

 If it hadn't been so cold,
it could almost have been spring.

 A nuthatch was hopping amongst the branches,
making a devil of a loud noise.
Who knew they were so noisy?
 There was an intermittent breeze.
It won't be long before we see leaves in bud.
That will be quite a transformation.

So that was my short walk.
It's proving to be a regular one.
A walk along the road,
to the river,
and over the bridge.
It's nice to continue the walk down to the river
and alongside it in either direction.
But with all the rain of late,
it is just so muddy underfoot,
requiring me to don borrowed willies,
several sizes too big.
So, I'll reserve that for another time,
or perhaps when it has dried underfoot.
That won't be for a while I expect,
it rained very heavy yesterday.
Though you wouldn't think it
looking at these blue skies from the day before,
would you?


Connie said...

Hi Lynne. I enjoyed seeing the photos from your walk. I especially liked the second and third shots. So lovely. I hope it dries out and warms up for you. It is bitterly cold here today. Winter has definitely arrived here.

Unknown said...

'borrowed willies'?
What do you get up to when I'm not around to look after you?

Unknown said...

Lol. That's what I thought, borrowing someone's willy.

Unknown said...

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Anonymous said...

Hi Lynne, Haven't been in touch for a few months. Want to let you know that our little dog, Harriet, passed away. We are so heartbroken. She belonged to my late mom. She was 14.