Thursday, 28 October 2010

Blogtoberfest~ Alien Sentinels

I've been busy this week making little hearts,
and cards.

One of the little hearts didn't quite make the grade,
so it's been turned into a pincushion.
I think it will work even better,
if I make it into a pincushion to wear around my wrist.
Making it a very handy pincushion.

Today's teatime walk,
took in some very nice views
of coloured woodland.
Just a shame that the sun wasn't shining on them.

What have Jewel and Rufus spotted?

Just some alien like sunflowers.

Just before getting back into the van,
I spotted this face.
Can you see it?

I've been playing along with Blogtoberfest hosted by Tinnie Girl this month.


harmony and rosie said...

Oh yes I can see that wonderful face. And I love the little hearts, even the poor rejected one!!! Hope it's not too cold where you are...

Anonymous said...

I see the face too! That Jewel and Rufus are precious. Your hearts and cards are very colorful and sweet. Are you still able to sew out on the patio or is it too cool?

We are just back from the new dr. and I have posted an update.

Sandi Butler said...

The sunflowers did look a bit strange. Yes, I can see the face on the tree, it does look alien-like :)

Daisy said...

I love the picture of your dogs. They have such sweet faces. And yes, I can see the face in the tree too! It was a rather grey day here today too. Maybe tomorrow we'll both see some sunshine. :D

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous countryside! Love the look on the dogs faces, can just imagine them ' ooh whats that!!??, oh nothing just some alien sunflowers'. Ok so maybe its just me that hears doggy thoughts lol :) The face in the tree is very cool!

GeorgyG design said...

Cute hearts, and I like the colourful cards, beautiful. G

Tabiboo said...

I can see the face!

Love your hearts...and pin cushion.

Have a wonderful day and weekend,

Nina x

summerfete said...

Creepy face!!

I have a reject heart pin cushion too!


Enjoy the weekend

Kath said...

I love the tree face! I do like to see photos of the hounds, jJewel and Rufus are so hansome. Mine are crashed out now after swimming int he river and eating cow pats. Have a good weekend Lynne.

Steve Gravano said...

Excellent! I love the face. Very creative photo of your cards.

Claus said...

Are the hearts meant to be Christmas ornaments? They would look lovely in a tree! Great project!

have a lovely day!

Ash said...

Love those hearts and cards. Gorgeous!