Sunday, 3 October 2010

Blogtoberfest-Day 3, What a Difference a Day Makes

Yesterday we visited our near by town
I had read that there was to be a regional market on there this weekend.
When we couldn't find it,
I called at the tourist office
and was told that it was on,

So we sat for a while by the river.
It was a grey day,
not very inspiring,
but I took some photos from where we sat.

Mainly of buildings,
and I do like window boxes.

The buildings are so lovely and ornate.

I was surprised at how many people there were.
You can see from the first photo
how full the pleasure boat was.

I noticed a large group of people with their dogs
come along and cross the road.
The dogs were all so well behaved.
I couldn't get all the dogs on the photo,
there were so many.

From where we sat we could watch the river traffic come and go.
I was surprised at how low down in the water this barge was.

It was nice to see
one of the men
who works on one of the pleasure boats
feeding some swans
whilst the boat was moored up. 

And so from a grey day yesterday,
to a lovely sunny, warm day today!
And we went to the market,
though I don't think Mike was impressed.
It wasn't very big,
or that interesting,
though the majority of what there was to see
was quite different to what you would see in an English market.
Such as this Federweiss,
which is the new wine before it is properly fermented.

I was surprised to see some rabbits and chickens in cages,
similiar to what I've seen in France many years ago.
When I saw the trailer below,
I thought it would be serving up wild boar sausages,
but instead it was a taxidermy stall!

It wasn't long before we hopped back on our motor bikes
and went on to a village where I had seen posters for a flea market.
But when we got there,
there was no sign of it.
I'm sure it was there somewhere,
probably back on the other side of the river.
So after a saunter and a sit
under some trees,
we went back home
for some tea and cake.
I've made a few cakes over the past couple of days,
and soup,
and bread,
but no photos I'm afraid. 

After tea and cake,
we went off up the valley to walk the hounds.

It was a lovely evening.
We went to see how the work is progressing on the new road.
They have dug deeper so that the slip road is not as steep,
and propbably so that there are steep embankments to drown out the noise from the traffic.

It's still nice up there away from the road.
I hope the rest of it remains unspoilt,
and that the wildlife still retains it's habitat,
and doesn't get frightened off.

I think
Jewel has her eye on something here,
probably a mouse.

I hope your weekend was a sunny one.

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Daisy said...

Neat pictures, Lynne. I especially like the one with the swans. Sounds like a lovely way to spend the day. :-)

GeorgyG design said...

Great pictures. Not only this post but others, as my first visit. I so enjoy looking at photos of places in Europe, the architecture, history and scenery. I can't wait to get back there myself. Thanks also for visiting my blog. G

HayleyK said...

Great pictures. Sounds like you had a nice outing.

Zuzana said...

I think you live in such a wonderful part of Europe.;) Your pictures are always so lovely.
Have a great Monday,

Diane said...

Twas very rainy here - wish I was there! xx

Mac n' Janet said...

Great pictures, always enjoyed the German villages, use to go to a Floh (flea) Markt in Frankfurt right next to the Rhine.

Claus said...

Beautiful pictures! even those during the grey day! :o) I loved the window boxes (pretty flowers!), the dogs (yours and those in town) and the swans! Can you tell I love animals ;o)
thank you so much for sharing!
have a lovely day!