Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Pretty Girl

Ooops, missed a day already of Blogtoberfest!
And it wasn't for lack of trying.
I even went out onto the balcony,
(it was a gorgeous day),
just so I could take some photos
to use in the coming weeks.
There was a whisper that the sun
won't be here for long.
Jewel came to join me.
She loves the sunshine.
Can you tell? 

Here she is looking all coy.
Also, she's had some sense and retreated into the shade.

Sometimes she has a bit of a goofy look about her.
Can you see her teeth?
She has a slight undershot jaw.
But she's very pretty don't you think?

We think she's very pretty,
and photogenic.
Just a pity that Blogger wouldn't upload the photos for me last night.
Anyone who visits here regularly
will know I don't post without a photo.
But I suppose I really must try not to leave writing a post till late.
When do you write your posts?
Do you write at the same time each day?
Are you organised,
and have some already written
for such an emergency?
Be nice to hear how you organise your blogging.

Tinniegirl is hosting Blogtoberfest,
where we aim to post each day throughout October.
Why not pay her a visit.


Steve Gravano said...

Yes Jewel is a pretty girl, I love that smile she has in that third photo. She looks like she's poising.
Isabel like to lay in the sun for a little bit. Then she moves into the shade. The heat probably feels good in her muscles.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lynne, Thank you for these pretty photos of Jewel. You put a smile on my face this morning. She is sweet as can be and I love her little teeth. Hope you can get out into the sun again today.

Claus said...

Blogger has been having its problems lately. It was giving me a hard time yesterday. I hope all that goes away soon. I write every two days, and none on the weekends, so being the organized person I like to be, I tend to schedule and write my week posts in advance, so in case work and home prevent me from doing so on the days I like to post an entry, that's already been taken care of. For some reason, I've been quite inspired lately, so I have ideas and topics in my head, and write them as soon as possible so that I don't forget :o) Now, in case something else comes up, I move something already planned for another day, and have that important one done instead. I wonder, though, how far will this inspiration will last?! I hope a long way!!
Jewel is gorgeous!! If anything, her teeth make her unique. She is adorable :o)
have a lovely day!!

vanessa said...

Jewel is a beauty, and her slight bunny teeth just make her very charismatic aswell. She's a bit of a super model isn't she?! Love Vanessa xxx

Kath said...

Oh yes she is a very elegant and beautiful girl.
They say we are drawn to dogs who remind us of ourselves, in my case scruffy hair and a cheerful expression!

ADonald466 said...

Jewel is lovely!! I gather quite a few people have been having trouble with Blogger .... but I've been having problems with Typepad too! Monday to friday, I do my post after dinner (with the benefit of a laptop and wifi, I do it sitting in the lounge while we watch tv!) Saturday I do it late afternoon, because I join in Shadow Shot Sunday (it's already Sunday in Australia, from where SSS is organised when I do the post) and I don't do a post on Sunday. When I do my posts, I write a bit of text, then insert the relevant photo, then more text, another photo, and so on. I don't have to load my photos anywhere in any particular order, just browse my photos and select the one I want to insert. I occasionally do a post in advance and schedule it to be posted if I know I can't do one that day. Oh dear - all that makes me sound like an obsessive blogger - but I just enjoy it!!

Daisy said...

She is a very pretty girl indeed! :-)

My blogging is very unorganized unfortunately. I blog when I have time and I want to do it. It is haphazard, at best, unfortunately.

Tracey said...

Haha, love the photo of her with the teeth ... adorable!

My dog's a sunshine lover too! :)

Zuzana said...

She is a beauty; I love her colors.;) And how fun she looks keeping one ear up that way, as if she is listening intently.;))

Tracy said...

Yes, she is gorgeous! What a lovely "smile" she has! All the "hounds" look so sweet! Thanks for stopping by my blog yesterday.

Teresa said...

Hi Lynne,

Gosh, you've been busy... both sightseeing and blogging! I've been scrolling back through your posts to catch up and have so enjoyed the lovely photos and hearing about your adventures. The cross stitch from your daughter is beautiful.... handmade and homemade is definitely the best!

Sarah said...

Jewel is really pretty! I like the shadows in these photos.

Julie Whitmore Pottery said...

Ido love that profile shot of Jewel,
and would love to paint her on a cup or little bowl. Do you think Jewel would mind?

Hahnsmum said...

Always love yr blog..Nice to see yr beautiful pics of yr home. And Especially LOVE yr gorgeous dogs..l`ve always been a dog lover so l like looking at other spoilt doggies.. Kind Regards, Hahnsmum of Bingara, NSW, Australia