Monday, 25 October 2010

Blogtoberfest~ In the Dog House

Yesterday, Mike suggested we visit a flea market.
So we did.
It was across the river.
It was smaller than usual,
but there were still plenty of people around,
and I saw some nice pieces of china.
I miss my china that is still in storage.
I was tempted by some small delicate plates
which the lady said were over 70 years old.
I have decided some small plates would be ideal
to put our morning or afternoon cake on.
Yes we like our homemade cake.
The plates had an unusual green edging.
And perhaps even nicer,
was a lovely cream jug and sugar bowl
with a lovely deep yellow band round them.
I must admit,
I was quite taken with them,
but decided not to buy.
Mmmmm, I wonder whether they will still be there the next time I go?
Probably not.
But I can always hope.

The sun came out now and then which was very welcome as it was a bit chilly otherwise.
And someone had a sense of humour!

You can see the river in the background here.
Flea markets are held quite regularly along the river
and I've been to this one a few times now.
I think I've even posted about it before.

Once we got back home,
we went off in another direction to walk the hounds.

This time we were above the river on the plateau.
We first went into the woods,
which were delightful with the early evening sun
shining on and through the leaves.

Then we went across some open ground.
It was an interesting sky.

With what looked like rain falling in the distance over there,

and big thick white clouds over there.
We got back just as it started to rain back down in the valley where we live.
The hounds enjoyed their walk,
all those lovely smells.

I didn't take the camera with me today
as I wouldn't have time to take any photos.
We went out on the motor bikes,
but stayed down in the valley as Mike said it would be warmer there.
It was a shame that I didn't have the camera,
as some of the trees along the river
are really starting to change into a lovely sunny yellow colour.
Truly a delight to the eye.

Once home and after a cup of tea
and a piece of lemon cake,
we took the hounds out for their teatime walk.
Again I didn't have the camera,
not sure why.
Part way round our walk,
Rufus and Jewel spotted a young deer
and took off after it.
They were on leads
but when they take off like that, they are difficult for me to hold.
Mike went running after them and eventually caught up with Jewel
who had got distracted by some nice smells.
He had to carry on a bit though
before he caught up with Rufus
and that was only because the deer leapt
over a very high hedge,
and Rufus found that he couldn't go any further,
the undergrowth was too thick.
We all headed back after that.

When we got back all Rufus wanted to do
was to lie down.
But later,
he was up and very keen at the mention of supper.
Unfortunately, he was so excited,
(I think the run earlier must have made him hungrier than usual),
he swiped Mike's tea mug off the low table with his tale!
And it was a favourite,
being bigger than all the rest.
I think I will have to look out for a new mug for Mike now.


Luvvie said...

It's so very beautiful where you are living. Lucky hounds! Lucky you!

Anonymous said...

The flea market sounds like a lot of fun. I like to occasionally pick up a few pretty plates or cups. Some little something new always lifts my spirits and makes the cake and tea taste even better!
Such beautiful skies but it looks cold!!! Sorry about Mike's favorite cup. You'll just have to go back to the flea market.

Daisy said...

The china sounded lovely, Lynne. I hope it is there when you return. Your pictures are wonderful, as always. I enjoyed hearing about your visit to the flea market.

annie hoff said...

After the broken tea mug, it sounds like a trip back to the flea market - you might even get your plates too? Thank you for your kind comments left on my blog. Isn't blogging amazing! All the different places and people you meet along the way. And now I've found Bun Mountain Cottage with some lovely photos too

Tracey said...

Your photos are always divine ... they feel like a breath of fresh air, and your lovely words are the perfect accompaniment to your visual journey! :)

Claus said...

Always the best pictures!! The changes in the sky are magnificent. It's something one can stare daily and never be bored, right?
I would love to go to a flea market! Those do not exist in Guatemala, you know. It's a good thing; othewise, I would buy it all!! :o))

have a lovely day!

ADonald466 said...

I love going on your walks with you! The scenery is so different - and even the light looks different!

Zuzana said...

Your photography showcases the natural beauty of your surrounding in a poetic way.;)
I love flea-markets and I almost never leave one without having purchased something.;))

Teresa said...

Gorgeous photos! Sigh.. such lovely scenery where you live.