Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Blogtoberfest~ Time for some Colour

For our morning walk
we usually take the hounds along the river.

These photos were taken on Monday,
and like most of the mornings these days,
it was misty.
Very misty.
And grey.

But enough of the grey,
It's good to have some colour
when there's no sun around.
And I found some
when I had a rummage
through some photos
I took at the beginning of the month.

That was the day I took those photos of Jewel,
that I showed in an earlier post.
Looks like she's keeping an eye on me.

Ahh some crochet colour!
I've put these to one side for the time being,
but really,
they would be good to work on at the moment
don't you think?
I'm using one of Lucy's patterns.

I've got plenty more of these photos,
but I think I'll save them for another grey day.

Tinnie Girl has been hosting Blogtoberfest
which I have been trying to keep up with.
Though it has to be said,
I've fallen by the wayside a bit!


Anonymous said...

You have really had some misty days this week. I love the bright colors in your earlier photos. Jewel is so cute watching you! The bright colors of the crochet are so cheerful. Enjoy your evening.

Daisy said...

Your flowers are gorgeous, Lynne! I love them. I think you're doing great with the Blogtoberfest. I can't seem to blog with any consistency. Sometimes I'll blog three days in a row, and then I'll suddenly miss a whole week! HA! :D

George said...

There isn't much color in your first couple of pictures, but they are beautiful just the same. I do like the color you found after your morning walk.
Thanks for visiting my site.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Thanks for visiting me... Any friend of Mildred is a friend of mine. Come back anytime.

Love your photos.... The misty ones are so peaceful looking.... I love photographing fog and mist.

BUT--your flowers and all of those colors ---and the crochet ones are fabulous also.

Great Blog.

Zuzana said...

I love the first set of picture, as they carry a gentle autumn melancholy.;)
Your colourful flowers are beuatiful.;)
Thank you for your very kind comment on my yesterdays post.;)

Ash said...

Hi Lynne, have just fallen across your blog, via your comment on marmalade rose - a good friend of mine I am glad to say. Love your colours. Like you I love fabric - quilting and applique, and am falling back into crochet. Just thought I would stop by to say hello from a very autumnal england!

Teresa said...

I love the cool, misty photos! After a record breaking hot summer those photos look really good to me!

Tracey said...

Your photos are always divine ... and I love the contrast between the grey and that bright vibrant colour!!

Your doggy is so lovely and such a character! :)

Kath said...

How lovely to see all that colour after the grey day photos. Great idea, one I would like to copy if I may?
Your crochet flowers are charming.

ADonald466 said...

Gorgeous colours - a perfect antidote to the grey weather!!

Sarah said...

Hi Lynne. I love the contrast of the grey and the bright photos. Jewel's name seems really appropriate for where she appears in your post! Love the crochet.