Sunday, 10 October 2010

Blogtoberfest Day 9, Varied

What a gorgeous morning it was here.
Can you see the mist in the valley?
A few minutes later and it had almost gone.

Grapes were being harvested
and we stopped to talk to some of the people working in the vineyards.
We asked when the wine would be ready to drink from this years harvest.
And they asked about the hounds.
Apparently it's not expected to be such a good year for wine
due to all the rain we had in August and September.
Although I have read somewhere
that the wine is never poor from this area.
And the wine from this years harvest can be drunk in the Spring.

A little further along the road
and a group of walkers stopped to admire the hounds.
It's unusual to see Greyhounds here,
so people will often stop and ask about them.

In the afternoon
the good weather continued.
It must have been perfect for paragliding
as there were loads up in the sky above the village.
There's not usually so many.
I counted over 30, then stopped.

I drove up river to visit a wine festival.

Another pretty part of the Mosel.
And what a pretty dog.

Its owner was minding a stall displaying this yarn.

There were quite a few dogs around.
Waiting patiently,
as their owners
sampled the wine.

I think this fellow has maybe had a bit too much wine,
what do you think?

As I neared our village on the way back home,
quite a few emergency vehicles passed me.
one of the paragliders had landed in the trees.
Let's hope they were okay.

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Anonymous said...

What a pretty day you had. I love the pictures of the grapes being harvested. That's wonderful that folks stop you to inquire about the hounds.
My brother paraglided while in CA last Spring. I'll have to show him your photos from today. I do hope the one who had the accident will be ok.
Thanks so much for sharing your magnificent corner of the world.

Zuzana said...

Thank you for sharing your gorgeous day with us.;)
I love your new header, the middle picture is so stunning, makes me want to be there...
In fact all your pictures make me at all times want to live where you do.;)

Tracey said...

Those photos are simply stunning!! :)

You make me want to pack up my city life and head to the country and drink wine all day ... sounds like a pretty good life to me! :)

The Clip Cafe said...

Me I am doing blogtoberfest for the first time! I love your post all the photo's are so full and make me want to go there.

GeorgyG design said...

Day 9 and going strong. I have just posted number 10! Love these photos, what a stunning area and looks like you had the perfect day for it. G

bad penny said...

Must have been great watching the paragliders - we get a lot of parasailing here. I'd stop to admire your dogs as they are so elegant. Dillon is so hefty ! People stop & say Big fellow !
I think that chap at the end IS sleeping off the wine !

kendalee said...

What a beautiful day and a lovely place you live in. And those panoramic shots are such a good way to capture it!

I have never seen so many paragliders in the sky at the same time either - it must have been quite a spectacle. I do hope the person who went down in the trees was okay. :)

Good going on the Blogtoberfest, some great posts!

Daisy said...

Lovely pictures, Lynne. That was neat to see all those paragliders. Loved the pics of the dogs too. The colors of that yarn are so bright and bold--really eye-catching! Happy Sunday to you! :)

Sandi Butler said...

Lovely walks, Lynne, always something interesting to see and learn. Love the photo of the church next to the river - it is just stunning! Looks just like a postcard.

Claus said...

I love all animals, but dogs are...there are no words. I love them!! and I loved seeing them so calm and patient in these pictures. So well behaved :o)

Phivos Nicolaides said...

Beautiful landscape excellent shots!