Thursday, 7 October 2010

Blogtoberfest Day 7, Crackers

It seems to be a popular pastime here.
This is just a selection of the fruits that can be found along side the Mosel.
I collected these few fruits at the end of our walk with the hounds this morning.
Though I must admit I collected the plums from our tree.
I think I may have missed making jam with them this year.

Although it's October the Mosel is still a very popular place with the tourists.
Once again we were passing the landing stage as people waited for one of the boats.
One boat has already passed,
You can see another two boats here as people are boarding one of them.
A busy time.

We went down to the river again.
Remember the photo from yesterday
showing the splash of water where Jewel had been?
She loves the water,
and will take every opportunity to go in it.
This morning was no exception,
and I tried to be ready for her
with the camera.
As she splashed,
and turned in the water.

She is so quick.
Even when I try to be ready for her.

Holding onto her lead,
whilst holding on to the camera
and trying to take a photo,
whilst doing my utmost not to fall into the water.
It took a bit of doing.
I did get some water in my wellies though.

Back onto dry land,
and I could see Paddy was up for a run.
He's a big dog
and loves running.
Unfortunately this is out of focus.
But you can see how he is leaning in to turn.

After his run,
and he's back in focus.
Well there was another photo here,
but I've no idea where it's got to!
Must be Blogger up to it's tricks again.
Ah well!

Just before I go,
Jewel says she would just like to
thank everyone for the lovely comments she's been getting.
One of you lovely visitors called her a super model,
and another lovely person would like to paint her!
It hasn't gone to her head though,
she's just as crazy as ever,
crackers in fact!

Call over to Tinnie Girl to see who else is joining in with the Blogtoberfest.



Anonymous said...

The plums are especially pretty. So cute to see the pups in action today! Glad Jewel did not pull you into the cool water! I really enjoy your walks with the hounds. Wishing you a good weekend Lynne.

Daisy said...

The dogs look like they are having a grand time, Lynne. Those plums look delicious. We used to grow some that looked like that when I was a kid.

Rustique Gal said...

Lynne, what a heavenly place you live in. Jewel is so cute playing in the water, looks like a big smile in the second picture. Happy scavenging!

Anonymous said...

Hey there! just thought I'd pop in to say hi and have a look around :) Your dogs look like they are a lot of fun!

Diane said...

I love a spot of foraging myself!! Hugh did marvellous things with veggies last night didnt he. xxx

Tracey said...

I think foraging is a very under-rated activity ... what a lovely collection! :)

harmony and rosie said...

Just been catching up on your week, your dogs look great fun and just as active as my children! I love foraging too but living in London limits it unfortunately but at least we make up for it when we get out. Good to see you've still got some tourists about - good for the local businesses anyway!

trash said...

Aaah yes, the saga of trying to capture a fast-moving hound with a camera. I feel your pain but even the blurred results are worth it. Now that my old man is 16 I look back on the 'speeding hound' pics I took of him as a young dog and my heart swells w fond memories.