Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Blogtoberfest Day 6, Early Autumn,

It was quite a dull start to today.
But I took the camera on our morning walk with the hounds.
My sister had been asking whether the trees were changing colour here.
So what better way to show her?
As you can see, some of the leaves are changing,
but not so many as yet.
Can you see the profusion of yellow flowers?
There tend to be quite a few down by the river.
I think they are a type of sunflower.

Despite the dull start to the day,
there were a number of people
waiting to take a trip
on one of the pleasure boats.
Perhaps they knew it was going to turn into a sunny afternoon.

And what is this picture?
That is Jewel
having fun in the river.
But she is too quick for the camera.

Call on over to Tinnie Girl to see what every one else is doing for Blogtoberfest.


Sarah said...

I love the last photos with the splash!

Daisy said...

Pretty pictures, Lynne. I like the first one the way the flowers and trees make a frame all the way around it. :)

Anonymous said...

Very pretty and I can't believe Jewel! Did she shake water all over you when she got out???

Louvregirl said...

Beautiful shots.

Sandi Butler said...

Looks like perfect weather to be out and about with the hounds.

Zuzana said...

I love your photography. The top picture could be used in a beautiful calender.;) And the last one is so funny.;)
Have a lovely day,

Diane said...

I could just fancy a river cruise. xxx

Tracey said...

Those photos demonstrate the beautiful part of the world in which you live! :)